Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#Shopping ♪ You know DAISO JAPAN 100 yen shop? Get something to welcome the summer!

#Shopping ♪ You know DAISO JAPAN 100 yen shop? Get something to welcome the summer! 

Have you ever been to Asakusa when you come to travel in Tokyo?
We like this area a lot!!!
Especially in summer, there are many events and Matsuri (festivals) held every year!

Speaking of Asakusa, 
you will think of Sansoji (A temple), Kaminarimon (Temple Gate), 
shopping streets through of unique and classic shops. 

How about general shopping for some inexpensive, unique and functional products?

Here we go!!!
100 yen shop in Asakusa!
@ Asakusa ROX 4F

The largest shopping mall in the Asakusa area.
There are UNIQLO, SEIYU supermarket open 24 hours, and specialty shops of Kimono and Yukata etc. 
This is a shopping mall popular to the local residents of Asakusa. 

Let's use our super map to 
check out the location of DAISO JAPAN in Asakusa.

Asakusa ROX 4F

Total area is about 133 square meters.

Don't know why
whenever we see this shocking pink board, we feel the happiness^^

First, remember to grab a shopping basket =)
Even you have your basket filled in DAISO
you won't be that stressed. 
Most of the items are 100yen (without tax)

Since April 2014, 
each item is 108 yen instead of 105 yen (tax included).

From cosmetics to sanitary goods


Food Corner

In general, buying drink from vending machine cost about 150 yen. 
Here, just 100 yen.  

We love the curry in Japan. 
If you have kids at home, grab the Anpanman one (Upper row)


Naturally, everyone comes to Japan would like to find "Made in Japan" products.
So here in DAISO, we found "DAISO SELECT."

"DAISO SELECT" is available to find in all DAISO shops in Japan.
Our recommended products are Miso soup packs and chocolate =)

Of course, there are snacks and potato chip we find in normal supermarkets.
Grab some for the snacks while watching World Cup 2014 at home lol

Cupnoodles for souvenirs? lol 

Souvenirs Corner
Get something unique at DAISO in Asakusa!
Many traditional cute items!! 

Umbrella with Classic Japanese patterns

Japanese paper fans are one of the popular souvenirs among foreigners. 

Let's get one to welcome the summer!

This is the folding fan we are looking for.
Good to have one in bags when you travel Japan in summer.

Let's go to the beach with them=)

A lot to shop then^^


It is rainy season in Japan right now.
But after June, a bright summer is ready for us!

Let's come and enjoy the summer in Japan! 
We got this wind bell first! Cool!

100 yen Shop 
DAISO JAPAN in Asakusa

DAISO JAPAN in Harajuku

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