Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#Shopping ♪ Have a meal? Do you know "Ocha-zuke" ? at OMOTESANDO HILLS

#Shopping ♪ Have a meal?  Do you know "Ocha-zuke" ?  at OMOTESANDO HILLS

This is Today's chef recommendation!
"DRIED COD OCHAZAUKE"  810yen tax included

Besides, sushi and sashimi 
Why don't you wanna try some other kind of traditional food? 

So here you are "Ocha zuke"!
Good for summer! 
And you will feel the oomotenashi (Japanese hospitality) 

Kyo-oyasai-bar Mei @ Omotesando Hills Main Tower 3F

Again, the nearest station is Tokyo Metro~ Omotesando.
But you can still walk from JR Harajuku Station.

Today we bumped into this lady!!!

Period:6/28~7/21 (Maximum 70%OFF) 

Shop, eat, enjoy and feel at 

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