Thursday, July 3, 2014

#Trend ♪ Anyone Knows this Little Cute Monster?

#Trend  Anyone Knows this Little Cute Monster?

You know any characters in Japan?
What is your favorite?

Hello Kitty? Sailormoon? Dragon Ball? Kumamon???

We discover an unique character in Tokyo, Japan!!!


It is this little cute monster!!!
Sometimes it is white; sometimes it is black!!

What is its name?
It is coooby!!!!!

For more details

You might see them at some pubs or clubs!
Coooby is getting very popular!!

All cool guys and hot girls have the coooby stickers on their bodies,  arms and wherever!

By the way, 
what is coooby?

Actually, it is an APP game!
Go check it out!! 
 It is free on both iPhone and Android ! 

So cuteeeeeee =)

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