Friday, July 4, 2014

#Studying ♪ Japanese Language School in Japan is Fun!!! Come on and Join Us!

#Studying ♪   Japanese Language School in Japan is Fun!!! Come on and Join Us!

Are you studying Japanese at school or learning by yourselves?
Isn't it your dream to come to study abroad in Japan?

Hey! Let's make it to come true!!!

Experience a new life!
Make new friends!
Learn something new!
Widen your horizon!
Explore the world!


Arriving Narita Airport...
Here we go!! 
Creating our new page of stories =) 

Akamonkai Japanese Language School

It is located near JR Nippori Station!
We met many new friends from around the world.

There are all levels Japanese languages classes: basic, intermediate, conversation, business and etc.
Besides, studying Japanese, 
advisers who assist on living, working in Japan are available. 

First step:
Let's memorize some phases, which are most common to be used! 

「たべます」= to eat 

Oh!!!! Speech time!!!
A little bit nervous...
but that's an important process!

Small class,
so that it is easier to communicate with classmates from all around the world and 
of course, instructors.


Test Time!!!


Akamonkai Japanese Language School
provides service in 6 different languages: 
Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, Mongolian, and Vietnamese.
Besides students from Asian countries, 
students from Europe and the United States are getting more!

Instructor who speaks Mongolian 

Instructor who speaks Japanese

Instructor who speaks Vietnamese

Instructor who speaks Korean

Instructor who speaks English

Also, instructor who speaks Chinese

Seven days a week
24-hour opened library for students

Internet Access and plenty of books are available.

What a meaningful and lovely life in Japanese Language School! lol

Wanna know more about our stories 
with Japanese Languages School?
Keep track with us then!!! 

to be continued.......

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