Monday, July 7, 2014

#Shopping ♪ Let's Go Shopping at the Largest Outlet in Okinawa 001 ~ ASHIBINAA

#Shopping  ♪ Let's Go Shopping at the Largest Outlet in Okinawa 001 ~ ASHIBINAA 

Speaking of Okinawa....

not only sea, beach, okinawa cuisine, diving, aquarium, 

but also,



We bought a lot lol

By the way, where did we shop?

Here we come to 


It is the largest outlet in Naha, Okinawa.

Let us check the map first!

It is located approximately 15 minutes from the Airport 
and 1 minute from the beach.

Resort & Outlet!!
What a paradise!

The coconut trees in front of the stores 
no doubt make us feel that we are exactly landing in a southern island.


Souvenir Plaza

(Ryukyu no sato)

Okinawa music is playing in the stores^^ 

Shisa, traditional Ryukyuan decoration in pair.
It is said to be a combination of a lion and a dog from Okinawan mythology. 

Wanna have one as a souvenir?

Some cute Shisa with different color variations =)

This corner is the representative T-shirt in Okinawa. 

I got a pink one!!!

Isn't it cute?

Many people in Okinawa put it on as a kind of formal wear. 

Since it is summer, 

we definitely won't miss this!!!

Ice cream!!

We love this mango flavor!

Wanna have a bite?

It is a shuttle train moving within ASHIBINAA Outlet Mall.
No doubt it is very popular to all the kids lol

Let us take a break first and continue our shopping time in this paradise!!!

to be continued....

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