Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Shopping ♪ Let's Go Shopping at the Largest Outlet in Okinawa 002 ~ ASHIBINAA

#Shopping ♪ Let's Go Shopping at the Largest Outlet in Okinawa 002 ~ ASHIBINAA


After tasting the mango ice cream, 

let's restart our shopping time!!!

Here we come to this shop!!!


Store for the latest Okinawa swimming suits

Grab one to match the ocean of Okinawa

Suggest you to come to Ashibinaa Outlet Mall the first day of your journey in Okinawa!

Let's see the latest swimming suits in Okinawa! 

What do you think about this?

With a mini skirt^^ 


I like one with a lot of coconut trees. 

Anyone needs these?

Bikini with Flower patterns!

A fashionable style!

Seems people in Okinawa like this kind of style! 


we chose one!!!!

Wanna know what we have chose?

Secret .......lol


Okinawa Soba & Okinawa Local Food (Rafu)

A journey in Okinawa,

we can't miss this!!!!!

The best Okinawa soba we have ever had !!

Okinawa Soba Set 

Just 1500yen to taste the real traditional Okinawa soba

Oh! just like the one displayed on the picture!!!!


it looks more delicious!!! =}

It is actually very delicious !!!

No doubt it is a Japanese restaurant!

All tatami floor! 

Take off your shoes here!

Of course, you can also just eat it in a western way.

Wow!!! Besides,

there are many kinds of dishes. 

Smile of the staff makes us taste the dish more deliciously.

Wow!!! Juicy meat!!!

Most of the Okinawa Soba in Okinawa would put meat and noodles on the same bowl.

But here, they are separated.

So that we can try the real taste of the noodles. 


At last,

you forget to have beer of Okinawa

Orion Beer!


It is the largest outlet in Naha, Okinawa.

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