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#Pop Culture ♪ Who likes One Piece? Here we are at its Theme Restaurant -BARATIE-

#Pop Culture ♪ Who likes One Piece?  Here we are at its Theme Restaurant -BARATIE-

Welcome to the World of One Piece!

One Piece Theme Restaurant -BARATIE-

It is located on the 7th Floor of Tokyo Odaiba Fuji TV building.
Its concept is all based on the "Offshore Restaurant BARATIE."

Scenes in the animation will appear on most of the dishes, 
Not just visual appearance but also fantastic taste. 
Of course with a matching background music. 

For the ones who love ONE PIECE, 
you definitely don't wanna miss this theme restaurant.


Indeed Japan is the world of anime!
 A popular theme restaurant of "ONE PIECE" is ready for you!

Address: 7F, Fuji TV building, Odaiba, Tokyo
TEL: 03 5500 5843
Access: 3-min walk from Daiba Station on Yurikamome Line/  7-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station of Rinkai Service
Open Hour: 10:30-22:00 (Last order 21:30)
Lunch: 10:30-17:00 (Last order 16:30)
Dinner: 17:00~22:00 (Last order 21:30)

# Entrance of ONE PIECE Theme Restaurant "BARATIE"

You can take the escalator from 1F to 7F of Fuji TV building
How exciting bu just standing at the entrance lol

Welcome to BARATIE!

"Black Leg" Sanji is a pirate and the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates. 
Always attracted by charming ladies
His feet have a strong power of attacks and 
no doubt he is good at cooking.  
A long-legged young man, blond hair is his characteristic. 
After meeting Luffy, his dream is to find the All blue where a ocean has gathered the most world ingredients in the ocean. 

You know ?
His dream is to find the All blue!

A pose with Sanji^^ 
Right at the entrance inside the restaurant.

Okay!!! We all trust the quality of his food then!

Wait!!! Who is that guy? 
Keep looking at Sanji from far away up high!

Roronoa Zoro
the largest threat and most dangerous member in the crew of Straw Hat Pirates. 
Like drinking
He is one of the top three fighters in the crew alongside Luffy and Sanji.
His dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the world.


Interior Design of BARATIE Restaurant
Taking inspiration from different scene of the anime. 
If you not a fan of One Piece, you definitely will like it.
And as a visitor to Japan, a world of anime, 
it is an awesome place to experience the world of one piece.

# Story of every dish
The food menu changes on a monthly basis, taking inspiration from scene or storyline from most series. 
Come on! Dining among full-size models of One Piece characters.

#Food Menu

Looking at the pictures of of the food, 
flashback our memory of each scene in the anime.
How impressive!

Challenge in the "Swamp"  Accidentally Shoun Burgar
「沼」の試練 〝空番長〟



After falling apart, Chopper in the "Golden Searching Team" got to fight with Getatsu who controls Shoun. 
Chopper tried to kept out himself from the attack of Getatsu (Name of the attack are Shoun burgar, jet punch) 
As a pirate, chopper was trying to find the weakness of the opponent to win the fight.
At last, Getatsu is accidentally being defected by himself.

Anime:  Chapters  171 and 172
Manga: Chapters 8 and episode 262  


Oh!!! It is this scene!

 Saruyama Forces United Mackerel Cuisine 



Straw Hat Pirates planed to go to meet Montblanc Cricket who lives in the east coast of Jaya. 
Regarding to the condition of Golden Land,  ancestor of Montblanc Cricket was stigmatized then, Montblanc was laughed by others; therefore, he have been tried to clarify it with Saruyama Forces. 
Straw hat pirate and Saruyama Forces found themselves familiar goals and became friends.
This is the dish they had at that time.  

Anime:  Chapter 148 and 149
Manga:  Chapter 25 Episode 227-229

Mackerel and paella!! What a perfect combination! ^^

Isn't it this one? Got to take out the comic book to match with the scene and lines 


Aiming to the best Swordsman in the World: Battle of the "Strong Man" 
Grilled Pork Steak
「鉄」の試練 オームVSゾロ
ポークロース肉の鉄板焼き 〝白荊〟を添えて

This expressed the battle between two strong men Atmos and Roronoa Zoro
Who was the winner ?
If you are One Piece's fan, you should know then.

Animation: Chapters 176 and 178
Manga: Chapters 29 Episodes 266-271

It would be more tasty if you know the story and the background. 

Wow!!! The same scene!!!!  

One Piece themed restaurant BARATIE, 
all food are based on the story spot! 

Drink too!

Drink inspired from Sanji

 "Do you know All Blue?"Blue Ocean

The name is originally from 

 "Do you know All Blue?"

 Blue Ocean 


Drink inspired from Luffy

"I'm going to become King of the Pirates! Berry Berry Squash

The name is originally from 
"I'm going to become King of the Pirates."



This unforgettable scene!!!!
Let's do it together!!! lol
 with the staffs in the restaurant^^
They are all friendly!!

Make you feel like you are one of the characters in One Piece!

A distinctive themed restaurant in Japan!
High quality food menu!
A must-go sightseeing spot 

Either Lunch or Dinner,
Fuji TV building 7F is your choice!
Come to One Piece Themed Restaurant 
Make a memorable day in your trip in Tokyo!

Fuji TV building 7F 

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