Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#Shopping ♪ Men's Paradise in Ikebukuro - VANQUISH @ Ikebukuro PARCO

#Shopping  ♪ Men's Paradise in Ikebukuro - VANQUISH  @  Ikebukuro PARCO

Shopping in Ikebukuro 

Made in JAPAN brand 

We had been to the one on the 3F of SHIBUYA 109MENS.
This time we see the same brand in Ikebukuro again^^

#VANQUISH Ikebukuro

Brand's concept: VANQUISH the world
Combine the entertainment element of VANQUISH
Create a happy shopping space 

Location: 1-minute walk from JR Ikebukuro  
*Annex PARCO 1F 

# Men's Paradise
Most of the items are for men.
But they are all trendy design appropriate for unisex fashion
Therefore, it is a brand favors for both men and women. 

# Ikebukuro
Wow!! Have been here for a while!
Last time we was here while we went for a trip to Chichibu taking Seibu Ikebukuro Line.

ANNEX PARCO is right between Ikebukuro station and Bic Camera.

Parco main tower is connected to Ikebukuro Station
Annex PARCO is the building next to it!

VANQUISH is located on the 1F.


In the shop, there is a very interesting system.
After you try on something and get out of the fitting room, 
you can take a picture with a selected background in front of the camera screen.
Then you can feel like yourself a model trying different poses.
Enjoying yourself,
at the same time,  check the style and fashion!

Okay!!! Let's go in to see how the shop looks like!

This year' s trend color~ blue

Wow!! A lot of VANQUISH fashionable items!!
How attractive!

you don't wanna miss some colorful bags and purses 

VANQUISH for all gentlemen^^

VANQUISH for all the shiny boys too^^
Memorial Pants for 10th Anniversary "SEX IS HEAVEN" 

Casual stylish

Limited suits for 10th anniversary "SEX IS HEAVEN"

Look!! All are different colors and patterns!

Shoes for suit 

VANQUISH original design

Crossover with other brands


Shopping paradise

No doubt it is hard to control yourself

Actually, it is a brand also popular to ladies!
You know what? 
AKB 48 members also is its fan.

Try on
no wonder it fits our casual style^^


Oh!!!! CASIO G-shock! How attractive!

Hey!! We found some interesting items!

Purpose to come here is???
almost forgotten lol

Ikebukuro ANNEX PARCO 1F
A brand popular for both male and female
If you have chance going to Ikebukuro,
come to have a visit!

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