Wednesday, September 10, 2014

# Travel ♪ LIMOTAXI in Japan! Unique Transportation Route Directly to Hotel from Narita/Haneda Airport!

# Travel ♪ LIMOTAXI in Japan! Unique Transportation Route Directly to Hotel from Narita/Haneda Airport!

Get started!!!
Probably most of you will start your Tokyo Trip either from Haneda or Narita. 

Carrying a whole bunch of baggage, together with family, children, elderly....
All come to Japan for a beautiful memory.
But the most troublesome is the way of moving.

Today, we would like to suggest you a convenient way to move to Hotel in Tokyo from Narita./Haneda Airport. 

Why don't we have a try?
More convenient!
More efficient!
More Fun Trip!


Place of encounter and farewell 
Everything starts from here...

Oversea Travel
The most exciting thing is riding on a plane.
It reminds us last time we took the plane landed on Narita Airport!
Travelling is full of little happiness.

Today, we are here to welcoming our friends from Taiwan.
What transportation do we take?
Keisei Skyliner?

We have five people, plus heavy suitcases..... 
What should we do?

Our dear friends from Taiwan!!
Welcome to Japan!!!

First of all, we want to go to hotel to drop off our baggage first!

No problem!!
We made a decision!


From Airport to hotel
this is the most convenient and fastest way!
Let's start an enjoyable trip in Tokyo
from this moment at the airport!


#Welcoming Service

Driver of LIMOTAXI will welcome you at the arrival gate of Narita Airport/ Haneda Airport.
You can decide to destination in advance.
Convenient and reliable taxi service.

More details about charges:

You might choose from various types of car in advance.
vehicle up to 7-person is available. 

Start our trip from Airport!
Move to Hotel by LIMOTAXI 

Spacious space
Vehicle for 5 persons

The most important thing is having a friendly driver!

No worry of time, station name and where to transfer and get off. 
Just sitting in the car, chatting around, staying relax. 


Special choice for special person.
Highly recommend to a small group of people.    

From Narita Airport,
let's get on a highway in Japan.  

Let's plan our trip in Tokyo!!
Wanna experience the most!

Smile Call Service
A global service of video telephone language assistance is provided.

If you don't know Japanese, feel free to use this service. 

SMILE CALL SERVICE is available in 3-languages (Chinese, English and Korean) 

40 minutes passed, 
we have arrived our hotel in Odaiba.

Safe and comfortable...

Door to door from airport to hotel

No worry of carrying big baggage around!

Thanks for this kind and lovely smile^^
Our trip is getting started!


Charges for your reference


From Haneda Airport

From Narita Airport

Prefect Service

If you will have friends, especially family coming to Tokyo, 
why don't you try LIMOTAXI?
Door to door from airport to hotel.

You can make reservation online.
If you speak Japanese, you can directly give a call.


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