Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#Share House ♪ Just 20-minute from Minami Nagareyama to Akihabara! -Oak House-

#Share House ♪ Just 20-minute from Minami Nagareyama to Akihabara!  -Oak House- 


Comfort Minami-Nagareyama

Japan's unique quiet and peaceful rural scenery
Just 25 minutes from Tokyo Akihabara by train

Coming to Japan 
Chasing our dreams
Here we are at "Minami-nagareyama."

Japan's Largest Share House -Oak House-
Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city
Enjoy a peaceful life in Japan.

Convenient access from the center of Tokyo
A share house based on the concept of leisure life

★★★Opening Campaign★★★
If you move in within September
Just pay only 39000 yen for the first 2 months!! 
For more info about Comfort Minami-Nagareyama:

Oak House 
Overview of Comfort Minami-nagareyama

Enjoy the peaceful life in a residential town
It is just a reasonable walking distance to the station.
(13-min walk from Minami-nagareyama Station)

Minami-Nagareyama Station
There is Kojima Electronic Shop in front of the station.
Also, convenience stores, Japanese Izakaya, and restaurants.

Easy access to city with 
JR Musashino Line or Tsukuba Express to Akihabara about 25-minute

it is convenient to access to IKEA, Lalaport Shopping Outlet in Shin-misato, 
and Lake Town in Koshigaya^^

Just 25 minutes from Akihabara to Minami-nagareyama by Tsukuba Express
Then, from Akihabara, taking the most convenient train line to anywhere of Tokyo.

Main Gate of the building

There is a river nearby and a bicycle lane.

Feel carefree around the greenery environment.

We were here in August. 
Wow!!! What a wide space at the entrance.

Dining Room and Open-kitchen

It is a 3-story building with 70 rooms. 
A spacious new style living room.

Overview of living room

50-inch LED TV and comfortable sofas


4 set of  3 IC electronic stoves 
You can cook 12 dishes at the same time lol

Electronic stoves
Good for safety.

Microwave ovens, rice cookers, and all kinds of kitchenware.

All kinds of tableware

A big washing sink is good and easy for dish washing.

Spacious space to place all sizes of pots.

Cooking together is one of the characteristics in Share House.

Public Bath

A nice facility yo enjoy in share house

There are lockers at the fitting room of the public bath.

Dressing table designed in Italy

2 more washing machines can be placed lol

Share restrooms

Share bathrooms
Most of the share houses only have the shower rooms.
But this one Comfort Minami-nagareyama has both shower rooms and individual bath tub!
A comfortable life is expected^^ 

A room for the ones who like exercise or yoga

Room for free-use.
Like meeting and study with friends.

Mini Theater Room

Smoking room

Bright enough to go up and down

Bed, desk, fridge, air-conditioner, closet
These are all the basic stuff you need to start your life in Japan.

Closet that next to the entrance of the room
A lot of space for storage^^

There are drawers under the bed as well^^ 

Spare space from bed to windows

Antenna Power for TV

Fridge and desk

Looking out of the window 
(Of course different rooms will have unexpected views)

Share House

A new living style in today's Japan.
The trend of cross-culture and international understanding.
Japanese and foreigners live together at the same facilities.
That is "Share House."

If you are feeling lonely to live in Japan,
especially people come to study abroad for a short term,
this is a best choice! 

Oak House is the largest share house organization in Japan.
You might choose the one to fit your life style and pattern.

This time, we came to visit 
Comfort Minami-nagareyama,
it recalls our memory of study abroad life.

Wishing you have a happy life in Japan.

★★★Opening Campaign★★★
If you move in within September
Just pay only 39000 yen for the first 2 months!! 
For more info about Comfort Minami-Nagareyama:


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