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# Pop Culture ♪ Boys and Girls !!! Animation Paradise for Otaku at Kotobukiya ! Shopping in Akihabara!

# Pop Culture ♪ Boys and Girls !!! Animation Paradise for Otaku at Kotobukiya ! Shopping in Akihabara!

A Paradise of all kinds of animation, comics....

The great castle in this paradise

When you have not had the chance to visit KOTOBUKIYA,
you cannot say you have come to Japan. 

No exaggeration!

You know what? 
Many tourists come to Tokyo is because 

No doubt they have their own Social Network Platform.
They also update their official Facebook page with the latest animation and comics information to fans around the world.
Come to meet the high quality of Japanese model figures!
(Can you feel the aesthetic sense of the figure in KOTOBUKIYA from the following pictures? ^^)


A four-story building in the center of Akihabara
It is already a well-known place of anime and comic related items in Akihabara among foreign's visitors. 
KOTOBUKIYA was born in Tokyo in 1947 as a toy specialty store. 
In 1989, it starts to produce model figures and become the center of 
the market for Japanese anime related items. 

Today, let us experience firsthand the colorful 
Toy specialty store, KOTOBUKIYA!
Let's go and see the Real Japan. 

2-min walk from Akihabara Station

Just 2-min walk from Akihabara Station
Easy access even in the first time!
Can you see the red building of SEGA? 
KOTOBUKIYA is on the opposite side.

Map of Akihabara in front of JR Station

Go along the railroad of JR Akihabara, then you will see the big building SEGA
On the opposite side of SEGA, it is our destination for today.

KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara Store

You probably can't find the second Akihabara,
where there are most of the anime-related products gathered together. 

And KOTOBUKIYA will be the best of the best with most of the anime items.

Popularity points of Kotobukiya
★Abundant assortment of anime items: from 1F to 4F, how excited.
★Friendly services to foreign visitors: English and Chinese guidance are available everywhere; of course, body language is  universal languages.
★Free Delivery Service to Hotel: For the one who purchases 10,000yen or more, you may enjoy free delivery service to your hotel
★Overseas delivery service: If you unexpectedly shop a lot than you can bring back to your country by yourself, you can enjoy the overseas delivery services.
★Get the latest anime-related information in English at the official Facebook Page of KOTOBUKIYA

Popular comic character "Danboard" at the main gate of KOTOBUKIYA on the 1F. is just like a robot lol

Danboard is very kind to welcome all the visitors.


Comic series  of "Yotsubato"
The most popular comic in today's Japan.
Oh!!! We are getting very excited!!!

Really wanna bring it home!

You might find all kinds of "Yotsubato" related items on the 1F.

Spacious space for all popular characters!!!

"Monster Hunter" corner on the 1F



Full of original items at corner of 
"Tales of Shop"
Also, items of Studio Ghibli works and "Natsume's Book of Friend."  



You don't wanna miss all these...



You will be able to meet a lot of characters  on the 3F of KOTOBUKIYA.

Especailly, "Daisy,"
that most of us are attracted. ^^


Only Daisy!
The most experience item.

Wow! Still a lot to see^^



We see Godzilla, Star Wars, Transformers, etc. 
Most of the popular characters in Hollywood films. 
You don't wanna miss it!

Godzilla was shown in Japan in July.
No doubt it has become a boom within Japan. 
Wanna put one at home!!!

Wow!!! It is Transformer 4 !
Those are for displayed ^^

Will give you more detailed later about 4F ^^

Official Site of KOTOBUKIYA

You may find various kind of anime related items in each category. 
It is also interesting  by just looking at the pictures lol
KOTOBUKIYA's official website: 
http: //

A Must-go Place - KOTOBUKIYA -

Japan, country of animation and comic
You don't wanna miss this animation paradise,

For the one who is now in Japan,
who will come to Japan
Don't miss this place
"KOTOBUKIYA" in Akihabara.

To be continued...

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