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# Accommodation ♪ Trip around Candeo Hotel Chiba~ From Tokyo Disneyland to Aeon Mall Makuhari New City to Tokyo SKYTREE

# Accommodation ♪ Trip around Candeo Hotel Chiba~ From Tokyo Disneyland to Aeon Mall Makuhari New City to Tokyo SKYTREE


While you are ordering your travel pack to Japan at Travel Agency, 
if you are arranged to stay in a hotel like this, 
then you are very lucky^^

Spacious rooms
Delicious breakfast
Open-air Hot Springs.

What an attractive hotel!

Perhaps someone will say why the hotel is located at the Tokyo Suburb,
you will definitely find something more attractive to choose this hotel in your Japan Travel.


You can get all the amenity from the reception desk.
This is their effort to put on ecology.
You can also get your miso soup there too! 

▲ Comfortable rooms
Hotel rooms in the Tokyo should be very difficult to have this plenty of space.
Such a spacious and comfortable accommodation in Tokyo Suburbs
Room size is 22㎡-29㎡(6.6 -8.7 tsubo)
※Average area of hotel rooms in Tokyo is about 15㎡(4.5Tsubo)

▲A spacious room allows you to relax your body and soul.

▲ Toilets and bathrooms are spacious, too. No worries during travel.

▲ Open-air hot springs in CANDEO HOTEL CHIBA

Why do we choose this hotel?
Because of the open-air hot springs in the hotel.
When you get back to the hotel after going around for sightseeing whole day, 
you definitely won't feel regret if you would enjoy in this luxurious hot springs bath!
If you don't have enough time to go to hot springs trip,
this is the hotel we would like to suggest then!!
Feel free to take this as reference^^

Click on the following link for a

Reservation for CANDEO HOTEL CHIBA
※Since this is still a brand new hotel, foreign languages' pages are not ready yet.

TripAdvisor: You can do comparison yourself at this global site : you can reserve your room here too. This might be more convenient

※ Why using the above global site to make reservation?
Price varies from the needs of each customer.
Someone make reservation at travel agency; therefore, the fee you pay to the travel agency including the introducing fee. 
There are also some travel agencies just provide information but not the reservation service. 
(Regular hotels are not always available for discounted price)
So through the above global sites, you might have chance to get a discounted price 
In the past, only Japanese site is available, 
but now multilingual sites are friendly provided.
We always reserve on RAKUTEN for Japanese Hotels, so that we can accumulate credits^^

▲ Let's check the location of the hotel and some Tokyo Sightseeing spot

Just 60-min from Narita Airport
Of course it is convenient to access to Haneda Airport, too.
If you are interested in going to Tokyo Disneyland and AEON MALL Makuhari New City, 
you don't wanna miss this hotel then.

From Narita Airport to Candeo Hotel Chiba, 
you can take the Keisei line and get off at "Keisei Chiba, " 
take the Monorail at Chiba Station and get off at the shiyakusho-mae  or Chiba Port 

From Tokyo Station to Candeo Hotel Chiba
Take JR Sobu Line from Tokyo Station to Chiba Station (43-min) , 15 min walk to the hotel
Take JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station (39-min), 7 min walk to the hotel 
※ We recommend to use the JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station

No matter you are going to Haneda Airport or Tokyo Station 
Just take JR Keiyo Line to Chiba Port Station is fine.

▲ The most popular and large scale shopping center in Chiba "AEON MALL MAKUHARI NEW CITY" and
 an international exhibition center "Makuhari Messe"

A shopping mall you don't wanna miss in your Japan Travel in 

And there are many events and large international exhibitions held here in Makuhari Messe!
For example, Japan's largest travel fair is also held in the Makuhari Exhibition Hall.


▲Makuhari Messe

SPACE EXPO is just finished.
There are also a lot of events held here!

▲Distance from the Earth to the Moon is about 334,000 km
Humans first arrived the moon on the July 20, 1969, about 45 years ago

▲ Is there really living things outside the earth?

▲ Like being in the universe

▲ SPACE EXPO! For the ones who like astronomy and space, 
have you been there?

And now, TGS Tokyo Game Show is held.


▲A popular spot you don't wanna miss 

▲ What an interesting space in the shopping center!

It is fun to put both interest and restaurant together1
Nice idea! 
You can't help not giving them applause

▲If you speak some Japanese, you might be interested to get to the theater inside AEON MALL MAKUHARI NEW CITY to watch talk show or comedy

▲ You can only enjoy the comedian show at Yoshimoto Theater in Tokyo Shinjuku LUMINE and AEON MALL MAKUHARI NEW CITY


▲City along the shore,
Seafood is fresh and delicious.

▲ You can find many seafood house nearby.
And long long line of people is everyday!

▲ Choose the seafood you want and grill it 

▲ Table numbering management system

Don't worry of getting out of order in the crowd. 
Come to experience having seafood with the local fishermen,
enjoying the normal life of Japanese  

▲ Wow!!! Very fresh! 

▲Grilled oysters, can't you imagine 

▲ You can't stand the temptation of this seafood rice bowl

Store: Iki iki Tei 

JR Kisarazu Station
towards the direction of Nakajima Park

▲A holy land for lover in Kisarazu

▲ Kisarazu Cat's Eye

Okada Junichi in V6
Sakurai Sho in Arashi
also, Sato Ryuta

A popular drama "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" with a large number of well-known casts

This red bridge always appears in the drama.

It is said that, if a boy carry a girl at the back and run though the red bridge, 
to wish for forever love.

The main stage of this drama, Kisarazu.
"Nakanoshima Bridge " in Nakanoshima Park from the road in front of Kizarasu Station.
Long 236m
High 27.125m
Wide 4.5m

Feel so good to walk on the pedestrian bridge where no cars would come across.
But there is another story opposed to the forever love.
It is a legend that the fate of a couple will come to an end.

Therefore, people are afraid to cross the bridge until the appear of 
drama "Kisarazu."  

Believe it or not, such an interesting legends!

▲ Chiba is really a nice place for photography.
Sunrise, Sunset at the seascape

Can you see the shadow of factories at the back

That is a landscape can overlook the factories in Kawasaki.

For the photography lovers, you will definitely under our feeling to capture the screen.

▲ Character of Chiba 
Castle of Chiba
In general, you don't really feel this is an area for castle from the appearance, 
but actually, when you get here, you will see like green around and 
feel the peace around.
The official name of the castle is called
"Chiba Local Museum "

You can still visit Tokyo SKYTREE from the Candeo Hotel Chiba
using the convenient transportation in Japan. 

Skytree the first time
you can't help not applaud the amazing spectacular

This is how visitors standing at the window to oversea the area from Tokyo.

▲ Like a perspective view 
Feel the round shape of the earth
What an amazing observation deck of all directions

▲ Observation deck at Tokyo Skytree
There are 2 floors.
The highest floor is at 450m height.
Let's enjoy the whole view of Tokyo!

October is the best season for travel.
Let's have something new this Saturday.
Are you ready to have some plans to travel Japan?


Reservation for CANDEO HOTEL CHIBA
※Since this is still a brand new hotel, foreign languages' pages are not ready yet.

TripAdvisor: You can do comparison yourself at this global site : you can reserve your room here too. This might be more convenient

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