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#Shopping ♪ Japan's Most Superior Department Store ~Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Store in Tokyo~

#Shopping ♪ Japan's Most Superior Department Store ~Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Store in Tokyo~

Most Sophisticated Department Store

Talking about the history of Mitsukoshi Department Store, 
let us going to back to the beginning of the Edo Period of of Japan in 1673.
At first, it was a Kimono shop called "Echigo-ya " mainly selling fabric to garment.
At that time of the Edo period, 
"Echigo House" in Nihombashi was the largest and most famous shopping center.
 Mitsui Takatoshi is the founder of the "Echigo-ya,"
so that we could say he was the founder of "Mitsui conglomerate."

With the changing times,  from a fabric-based Kimono shop called "Echigo-ya " flourished in Edo Period, then gradually declined in the Meiji Period. 
Since western culture began popular and western-style fashion had been a trend, fabric-based Kimono was getting less demanded. 
At that time, western management style of department store had become a role model in Japan business. Therefore, "Echigo-ya" has become the first department store opened in 1914 in japan. This year marked the 100th anniversary of its memorial birth.

Grown up together with history, Mistukoshi Nihombashi   
Most Sophisticated Department Store in Japan

 History of Department Store

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of establishment of Mitsukoshi Ltd 
New building and the main building of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi together made the 
"New Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store "

Five Main Streets 
There are five official main streets started from Tokyo connected to the rest of the country.
Those five streets are built by Tokugawa Ieyasu to unify the traffic system of the whole nation
Street  from Tokyo connecting  Kyoto and  Osaka is called "Tokaido."
When we take Tokaido Shinkansen, that is the same "Tokaido" we have mentioned. 
Then, the starting point of these five main streets of Japan begins here in Nihombashi.


Mitsukoshi Nihombashi is where the starting point of Nihombashi 
The main road in front of it is called "Chuo- dori Street"

The road passing Ginza is also the same "Chuo-dori Street," 
a street starting from Nihombashi.

In the Edo period, this street played an important role. 
Just imagine you are in the middle of a busy street in downtown. 

"Echigo-ya " on this street was the largest garment shop in the Edo period.
Founder of "Echigo-ya" also was the founder of the Mitsui Group

After knowing a little about the history, make us feel the real charm of the the bustling Ginza and Nihombashi.

Boat riding along the river under Nihombashi

Mangentsuman  (Mr. Full Man)

A super star in Nihombashi to make Nihombashi clean!
We just met him outside Mitsukoshi Nihombashi!
He was taking rest beside the famous lion statues of Mitsukoshi Nihombashi

This lion statues always become the most of the people's meeting spot. 
It definitely have  seen many touching stories. 
It is said that the president of Mitsukoshi was deeply touched after looking at the lion statues of Trafalgar Square in UK.; therefore, this lion statues was made.

Lucky Lion Statues
It was supposed to be dissolved by the navy at the Pacific War in 1941. 
After the war, it was returned. Therefore, it gave hopes to people that "surviving in the face of adversity." 
Therefore, it has become a habit that most of the visitors would like to touch the feet of the lion statues.

Legend of touching the forefeet of the lion statues would bring you luck 
This is another interesting legend
crossing the back of the lion in a silent night, 
will make your dream come true.
So it is also called  a "responsive lion."
Why don't you wanna have a try?

Tour Guide Service in Mitsukoshi
If you make a reservation, a staff wearing traditional Kimono would give you a tour at Mitsukoshi. 
From history of Mitsukoshi to Nihombashi, all the background stories made us totally fell into it!
Today, let us share with you the knowledge we have learnt.

New Shopping bag of Mitsukoshi
Design of shopping bag has renewed recently.
It has become popular in Japan after the news reported on TV at a night.
You see, the pattern of the shopping bag and Kimono of the tour guide are the same.

Unicorn, symbol of Nihombashi
Bridges were began to build in 1603 in the Edo period. Nihombashi had been designated the starting point of the the five main streets. 
The bridge (Nihombashi) we see now was built in 1911.
10% of the cost was spent on the decorations, in other words, we might say it is a bridge full of art. 
Like "Unicorn" in China, it is a symbol of prosperity. 
Here in Japan, it symbolizes "wide-spread from Nihombashi to the world."

Tour guide in Mitsukoshi Department
A historic Nihombashi Department Store
There is a lot to see! 

Statues of Magokoro 

Spectacular woman statues is the symbol of Mitsukoshi Department Store
It was done in 1960 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Mitsukoshi Ltd. 

Statues of Magokoro and sincere
"Echigo-ya" came together to the word "Sincere."
Run a business with sincere heart from generations to generations.  
This statues has become the symbol of a sincere.
500-year-old cypress tree was used, 48 birds were chanting cheerfully around. 
What a high value of artwork!

At the time (1960),  150 million yen was spent on the production. 
Converted to the value for now would be about 5 billion yen
Wow!!!! 5 billion yen is about 50 million US$.

Fossil of nautilus is hanged on the walls inside the department store.
It is not just a department store but also a museum ....
Let's go shopping!!!


With 140 years of history, a boutique of a traditional American brand of 
the high-quality and function handbags.

US presidents and Hollywood stars love to use bags of this brand
A premium brand matches the atmosphere of Mitsukoshi Department Store

Handbag for yourselves
A bag would represent the symbol of status and success
The bag on the right is worth 378,000 yen
If you are thinking of this bag,
then don't miss the purse of the same series.
The purse on the left is worth about 50,000 ~70,000 yen.

Suits for yourselves
"Suit and gentleman clothing" is very famous in Mitsukoshi Nihombashi.
If you are pursuit to be a real gentleman, come on and get a suit at Mitsukoshi 
A customized suit costs about 300,000 yen
It takes about a month to finish.
Many tourists from overseas come to Tokyo to order a special one!
If you really want to make your own suits, why don't you wanna put this into your Tokyo Trip.

The real charm of men
Watch/ shoes/ suit 
which one is the most appropriated? 

Select the fabric

Select the pattern

Measure the size carefully to produce a custom-made suit

Let's check on the mirrors

Confirm the shoulder width carefully

Come to the No.1 Department store to make a customized suit for your own self.

Confirm seriously, make a perfect one!

Neckline, pocket....
Having no ideas....
But Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi is the most reliable!

Let's come back a month later to see how the customized suit will be done!

Golf Corner
After making a customized suit,
we come to visit the golf corner of Mitsukoshi Nihombashi
The most advanced golf clubs and equipment are waiting for us.

Let's check what kind of brand is the most appropriate for you. 
Check the price then.
It is about \2,000,000 a set. 

Over 20 kinds of golf club are available to choose

No appointment is needed
And the most interesting thing is every Wednesday and Sunday 13:00 ~18:00. 
Specialized professional golfer of Mistsukoshi will be there to teach you.

Golf is not a sport far away from us then....
Mitsukoshi will be a friendly place to golf- lovers!

Mitsukoshi Nihombashi

Enjoy the real shopping in a department store.
With a tour guide in Kimono, it is not just a shopping tour then.

Find the fun in your Tokyo Trip, the latest stimulus
experience the historical atmosphere of Tokyo in Nihombashi

Have you been to Mitsukoshi Nihombashi?
Let's put this into your Tokyo trip next time then. 
Are you ready for shopping already?

Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi

Office Hour: 10:00 ~ 19:00

Tokyo Metro:
1-minute walk from Mitsukoshi Station, Ginza Line
5-minute walk from Nihombashi Station, Tozai Line

Toei Subway
5-minute walk from Nippombashi, Asakusa Line

7-minute walk from Shin-nipombashi Station 
10-minute walk from Tokyo Station (Nihombashi Exit)
※Free shuttle bus from Tokyo Station  (Around Nihombashi)