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#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ Day Trip with LOTTE Koala's March

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ Day Trip with LOTTE Koala's March 

Our favorite Japanese Snack
LOTTE Koala's March

Cute Koala-shaped cookies are filled with rich chocolate cream. 
You can find it in convenience stores throughout Japan.
Most of the people in Japan must have tried once!

In Don Quixote and other large grocery stores, 
you can find the normal packages and some larger family-sized packages.
Our Japanese friends told us that it is the best size for kid's snacks during tea time.

Grab some Koala's March at convenience stores,
go to take Express train "Red Arrow" from Seibu Shinjuku Station. 
Walk though a nostalgic town of Kawaoge " Litte Edo ,"
join the crowd of the big traditional event, 

▲ Koala's  March (Chocolate and strawberry flavored)
A lot of face expressions of koala are so cute. 
Also, Tokyo, Kansai, and Kyushu versions are available too.
"Special Edition " in Japan! How cool! 

▲ Limited edition - Sweet Potato Flavor -Since 9/23

▲ Wow!! All are different!

▲ They are just so cute!

▲Most of the Koala's expressions are born in 1984.

▲Okay!! It is an exciting moment! 

▲ Crispy cookies outside and rich chocolate cream inside! 

▲ Rich strawberry cream is filled.

▲ Cute Koalas filled with rich sauce^^

▲Let's get on the train, start our trip then!

▲ Hurry!!! Let's start our trip to Kawagoe at Seibu Shinjuku Station!
Little edo! We are going!

▲Head to Kawagoe by express train from Seibu Shinjuku to Kawagoe

▲What is the feel of eating Koala's March in the train?

▲ Wow!!!! It is festival! 

▲A variety of entertainment, 
experience the real Japanese custom!

▲Kawagoe Festival (Matsuri) !!! Wow!!! Many people!!!

▲ Mikoshi (portable shrine) cannot be missed in a traditional Japanese festival!
 How charming! How unique! 

▲ It is one of the big Japanese festivals in Kanto area.
Experience the culture! 

▲ Japanese festival cannot miss out the "fishing activities," 
which is using paper scoop to pick up goldfishes. 

▲ Wow!! We discover Koala's March again!
From the popular snack (Choco Banana) in Japanese festival
So that you know how Koala's March is well-known and being loved by many people.

Must-item on train  

LOTTE Koala's March

How interesting to see different versions of Koala of the small piece of cookie!
Just grab one at convenience stores.  
See what kind of koalas can be found?

Travel with LOTTE Koala's March (Japanese Official Page)
※For reference about the pattern of Koala in different posts, face expression, and situation, 

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