Saturday, November 22, 2014

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE TOPPO Always Together during Sightseeing

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE TOPPO  Always Together during Sightseeing

Eating Japanese Snacks in Hotel 

Most people might drop by convenience store at night before getting back to hotel 
during travel!
Grab some drinks and snacks! 
Then, you don't wanna miss this LOTTE TOPPO.

                   This time we are going to stay in dormy inn EXPRESS Asakusa Hotel!
It is right beside Sumida River! A beautiful skytree view is guaranteed!

▲ What a beautiful night view with both SKYTREE and Asahi Building! 
(It is a view from the balcony of a single guest room )

▲ Just 30 seconds walk from Asakusa Station to dormy inn EXPRESS Asakusa

▲ The most popular service of dormy inn Express Asakusa is FREE Yonaki-soba
 (夜なきそば) It is kind of a noodle provide at night. 

▲ Return to the hotel room
Start enjoying our favorite Japanese snack while watching TV.

▲ Okay!!! Today's pickup is LOTTE TOPPO.

▲ A narrow stick is filled with delicious chocolate

▲Can you see high quality of the cookie part?

▲Let's start the TOPPO party! 

▲ How attractive!!!

▲ Chocolate is overflowing on the TOPPO sticks

▲Can you imagine how crunchy it would be?
Perfect bite!

▲ At the top floor of dormy inn EXPRESS Asakusa, where you can enjoy the view of SKYTREE and rooftop open-air bath at the same time.

 ▲ Beside open-air bath, foot bath is available too.
It is nice to have chance enjoy hot springs in Tokyo!

▲ Just 30 minutes walk from Asakusa Station to the hotel!
And there are a lot of sightseeing spots around!

Eating Japanese Snacks in Hotel

It is filled with chocolate!!!
There are six types of TOPPO can be found in convenience stores throughout Japan.
So remember to drop by before returning to hotel!

LOTTE TOPPO (Japanese Official Page)
Wanna see the real face of TOPPO?

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