Friday, November 21, 2014

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE Choco Pie~ How Sweet!

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE Choco Pie~ How Sweet!

Japanese Snacks after Hot Springs!
LOTTE Choco Pie

In many places, you might see there are many types of choco pies.
But speaking of choco pie in Japan, you don't wanna miss LOTTE Choco Pie. 
It is not just a simple choco pie!
Wanna know more? 
Just drop in to one of the convenience stores throughout Japan to check it out!

▲ Let us make a script lol

Lady: Look!!! It is delicious!
Guy: Don't talk to me for a while!

If you have a better set of script, 
just share with us!

By the way, this choco pie tastes very good!

▲ Special Yakult Hot Springs in Yunessun, Hakone Kowakien Hotel  

▲ In Yakult Hot Springs
How excited!!! 
Make us wanna take a sip lol

▲ Display of bottles from countries around the world. 
Can you see your countries' one? 

▲ Sake Hot Springs.
Feeling surprised every time at Yunessun.

▲ Enjoy soba noodle in the restaurant of Yunessun after hot springs.

▲  Wow!! Raw Wasabi!!! The best with soba noodle!

▲ In Yunessun, there are hot springs that you can wear swimsuit; 
besides, we highly recommended you this "Mori no yu."
It is a private room for rental
 to enjoy hot springs together^^

▲ Choco Pie after hot springs

▲ What a perfect harmony of chocolate and milk cream.

▲ Can you see the pie is filled with a layer of milk cream?

▲ 6 pieces a case

▲ Most of choco pies in other countries are packed with a transparent package. 
But the LOTTE one is packed like this!
Feel a bit of mysterious...

▲ Different languages of greetings are written on the packages.

▲Let's do something interesting! Let's challenge!

▲ What do you think? 
Like the sample on introduce on the box?

We just borrow LOTTE Koala no March as two ears,
LOTTE Ghana Chocolate as mouth, and Toppo Choco Stick as nose lol    

▲ Express our creativity!!! It was just the time of Happy Halloween!

Choco Pie after Hot Springs

Enjoying hot springs at Yunessun, Hakone Kowakien.
Smooth skin expected, then it is time for choco pie!
How sweet!!

It is highly recommended to put it into fridge for a while before eating. 
Although there are many types of chocolate around us, 
this is the one you would find special. 

LOTTE Choco Pie 
(Many types of choco pie)

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