Friday, November 21, 2014

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE Ghana Milk Chocolate! Favorite Time in Office

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE Ghana Milk Chocolate! Favorite Time in Office

3:00pm. It is tea time!
Wanna have a bite at school or in office?
LOTTE Ghana Chocolate

In Japan, most of the time, 
people like to use Ghana to express their love and care.
At school, 
its red package symbolizes love and passion, 
so students would use it to confess their love.
Just like the Cupid, god of love^^
Now, even in office,
we still have it with us always.
Especially at 3:00pm during tea time. 
It is good to get rid of fatigue and sleepiness. 

Always together.

▲ Okay! It is 3:00pm. 
Time for break! 
Time for Ghana Chocolate lol

▲ You know how everyone enjoy their break time with Ghana Chocolate?  ^^

▲ You also have the right taste Ghana Chocolate! 

▲Ghana Chocolate is as sweet as her ^^

▲ Ghana Chocolate makes us happier.

▲ What a special taste to take a short break in office!

▲ Chocolate is not the privilege of only ladies.

▲ Use chocolate to express love and happiness.

▲ Chocolate makes us smile during tea time^^

▲ In trouble...

▲ Which one to choose???
1.  Ghana Milk Chocolate
2. Ghana White Chocolate
3.Ghana Dark Chocolate

▲It is blessed to be in such a trouble!

▲  Can you smell it ? The taste of  Ghana Milk Chocolate 

▲ The climax is coming. 

▲ Just a chocolate, it brings me to the climax of the day. 

▲ New Discovery!
Ghana Chocolate is same size as iPhone6 

▲  Break Time at 3:00pm in office in Japan
We are with Ghana chocolate!

Work Hard!
Play Hard!
Rest Hard! lol
Have a bite of chocolate
makes your day happier!

No matter you are in office or a trip,
you don't know when you will need it!

Ghana Chocolate (Japanese Official Page)
(You will see the popular artists in the commercial of Ghana Chocolate, 
guess who she is?)

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