Friday, November 21, 2014

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE Almond Chocolate giving us energy to start out night at Robot Restaurant

#Favorite Japanese Snack ♪ LOTTE Almond Chocolate giving us energy to start out night at Robot Restaurant


Remember we have had the familiar chocolate in the childhood.
How was it taste?
we couldn't recall it at all though.
Just like this, 
handy to grab by hands.
The good thing is it is hard to melt that won't make our hands dirty lol

Okay! Today we are gonna go to Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku Kabukicho!
Let't have some LOTTE ALMOND CHOCOLATE and go crazy with Robots then!

▲ A beautiful oval-shaped, shiny almond chocolate 

▲ A whole big almond is wrapped by chocolate  

▲Can you see? The chocolate part outside the almond.
It is divided into 2 layers "dark chocolate" and "milk chocolate,"
so that the entire almond chocolate won't be too sweet.

▲Almond is highly selected by U.S.D.A (Ministry of Agriculture in US)

▲Let's try the real taste of Almond

▲ Beautiful oval-shaped, just like jewelry
attracting us to take them to our mouth one by one

▲ One way to taste almond chocolate is
to grab one and put it into mouth immediately. 
Then, let the jaw to move upwards and downwards to feel its crunchy texture. 

▲Don't wait!

▲Oh!!! Robot show starts!!!

▲ Lady Robot at Robot Restaurant!
You recognize if she is robot or not?

▲ How about her?

▲ And her?

▲ And her ? lol

Oh! The real robots appear!!!
What an awesome robot show!

▲ You can feel the power of music and action of robots,
 ladies were there to dance together too!

▲Enjoying the climax of the show!

Thanks for bring us energy!

Sweet enough!
Tasty enough!
Every almond is carefully chosen.
All are high quality.

LOTTE ALMOND CHOCOLATE has won the Gold Award of Almond snack for three consecutive years.
Looks simple but awesome for our mouth.
It is available to buy at convenience stores throughout Japan.
Wanna have a try?

※What is award of Almond Snack?
It is established since 1961, to evaluate the quality of daily products in 3 levels: gold, silver, and copper

LOTTE Almond Chocolate (Japanese Official Page)

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