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#Shopping ♪ Shinjuku Shopping at Isetan- A shopping department for Men's Fashion

#Shopping ♪ Shinjuku Shopping at Isetan- A shopping department for Men's Fashion

Friendly Department Store


"ISENTAN DEPARTMENT STORE" in Shinjuku is pretty famous.
Both Japanese and foreign visitors like to shop here.
Since September 2013, "ISETAN MEN'S" has opened as a specialty department store for men.  

Spa for men
Shoes for men
World Fashions for men
Cafe for men
Cosmetics for men

Keyword is "MEN."
Everything is inseparable from the keyword "MEN"
Say here capture the hearts of all men 
in Japan 
even worldwide
Here is the department for men.
If you are a man coming to Tokyo by yourself,  
this is a heavenly place for you to shop!

Just 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku East exit. 
A department store for men

You can feel the Japanese hospitality here at "ISETAN MEN'S" as well.

Shoes counter at "ISETAN MEN'S" provides professional service to all guests.

Spa for men

You might be hard to imagine men's beauty 
Spa facilities for men can only be found in ""ISETAN MEN'S" among the department store throughout Japan.

Counter only for men
It is for you!!!  
Hey men! Cosmetics store for you here!

A special floor for gentlemen in ISENTAN MEN'S
6th Floor of Men's Fashion, gathering best of the popular brands
All gentlemen, you don't wanna miss huh!

Department for gentlemen

Ladies are here for their partners 
while they want to pick some gifts for their boyfriends.

What do you think? 
Come on with us! 
We will show you!


Goods for Men's beauty 
Can you imagine???
There are more than 20 brands of cosmetics for men

Yes!!! More than 20!

All are for gentlemen
labseries, Aesop , etc. 
You can freely try the sample.

Department for men in Shinjuku
No doubt you might find the interest to visit here by yourself as well.

Shoes corner on the B1F of ISETAN MEN'S

Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) at ISETAN MEN'S
Sincere is the best of hospitality!

4F of ISETEN MEN'S is for overseas brands of customizing suits

Basically, ordering a customizing Italian suit takes about 3 months 
Price varies
Approximately about 300,000- 1 million yen, of course there are also oversea brands worth 2-3 millions yen. 
It is not much different to order one at Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi. 
High quality, worth value.
Relatively, you might want to get an affordable jacket.

Spend a visit on the 4th Floor of ISETAN MEN'S, 
you might get to know the trends of suit in Japan and the world 

On the 4F, let us learnt about the charm of men

Brands of famous designers working worldwide

How unique to see this kind of floor layout. 
Table and desk, and a clear big mirror.

A robot-like hospitality is outdated.
Even there is language barrier, 
body languages and sincere sense and humor are the most significant regardless of what country you are from. 


Cafe "rejiig"

A luxury at ISETAN MEN'S, enjoying coffee and the atmosphere of leisure.
Coffee, tea, wine, any kinds of liquor and sweets

Stylish interior design, BGM music, all are made in ISETAN MEN'S
How romantic~

During shopping, bring yourself a leisurely cup of coffee.
the symbol of a distinctive gentlemen 

SPA for men

The only SPA salon for men among department store throughout Japan. 
Appointment is preferred. 
You can still use the service on weekdays if no schedule appointment.
(Busy hour is around 13-16:00 on Saturday)

Are you interested?

The latest facilities in SPA salon of ISETAN MEN'S
You definitely couldn't find the same facilities anywhere else.

This is only for men!!
Special privilege for men.

"Supracor" Men's bath sponge 
For facial use: 5,600 yen
For body use: 6,400 yen

This is the price for here only!! 

SPA salon for men, 8F of ISETAN MEN'S 
Don't miss it!

Area of concepts and crossover brands of representative of designers in Japan.

Already a lot of tourists has come
It is no doubt a floor for men who are stylish and fashionable 

Yohji Yamamoto

"Yohiji Yamamoto" corner at 2F of ISETAN MEN'S
Yohji Yamamoto is a Tokyo-born famous fashion designer in the world. 
He took part in a controversial fashion show in Paris in 1981. 
A integration of Japanese black and bold style had not been shown up in Paris at that time. 
That's why it caused controversy about the concept of traditional beauty and elegance.

You can see the spirit he spent on every piece of clothing.

 ※Yohji Yamamoto:

Full of the color of Yohji Yamamoto's fashion

Keep natural. 
The staff is no doubt handsome.

all brands are reliable.

Come on! If you are fashionable enough or want to become more fashionable,
just come to "Yohji Yamamoto" corner at 2F of ISETAN MEN'S 

The most popular floor 
Especially Foreign brands, for example "ISSEY MIYAKE."
It becomes more spacious and comfortable after renewal of the floor. 

ISETAN MEN'S for Men's department store

Time is changing
No one can stop the law of it. 
The concept of men wear pants, ladies wear skirts is no longer exist.
Men also have the privilege to enjoy fashion.

That is why a department store for men is born. 

The only department store for men in Tokyo.
What a great and informative news for all the gentlemen.

For the gentlemen who will have chance to visit Tokyo,
don't forget to put it into your schedule. 

OPEN HOUR: 10:30~20:00
5 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station East exit 
1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi LINE Shinjuku 3-chome  

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