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#Festival ♪ The Biggest Festival in Kanto Region! Kawagoe Festival!

#Festival ♪ The Biggest Festival in Kanto Region! Kawagoe Festival! 

The most exciting festival in Japan!
Kawagoe Festival 

Held once a year every third weekend in October
More than 900 thousand people participate!

Let us show you the Kawagoe Festival!

 From Shinjuku, taking Seibu Shinjuku Line to Kawagoe

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Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe
Look!!! How gorgeous is the  corridor of Ema (Wooden plagues)! 
It is a must-go place in Kawagoe!

Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe 
Fishing Drawing! Let see how's our luck today?

Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe
Okay! Let's experience Japanese culture! 

Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe

Just 15 minutes ride of retro bus.

Kawagoe Festival starts!
The whole town is full of the atmosphere of all kinds of festival activities.
Just Saturday, 500 thousand visitors were gathered in this town!  

Of course, gourmet cannot be missed!

All food at food stall looks delicious!

Typical activity in Japanese festival is catching goldfish with a thin layer of paper.

Kawagoe Festival 
It is very crowd but everything is under control. 
Indeed we are in peaceful Japan. 

Oh! It is the climax of the performance.

Enjoying gourmet is part of the trip 

More than 30 of Mikoshi (Portable shrine) were going around the town.

Can you see the kids are scared by the grimace? lol

Experience the traditional activities of Japanese culture in a Japanese Festival!

Kawagoe Festival 

Wow!!! What a big crowd!!!
But Japanese people won't be gotten in chaos though!

Mikoshi is coming through the intersection!!!

Turn!!! Mikoshi keeps going! 

Kawagoe Festival!!! Never-stop! 

Kawagoe Festival

Kawagoe Festival 

Kawagoe Festival 

Kawagoe Festival 

The biggest traditional festival in Kanto Region "Kawagoe Festival"

Finally, we could take part of it!!! 
Experience Japanese culture in a big crowd. 

Let's meet together in the Kawagoe Festival next year!
The third weekend of October.

※For more info about Kawagoe, feel free to check with Seibu Railway (English Site)

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