Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#Day Trip to Kawagoe ♪ Travel from Shinjuku to a classic town in Tokyo Suburb! Trip to Kawagoe!

#Short Trip ♪  Travel from Shinjuku to a classic town in Tokyo Suburb! Trip to Kawagoe! 

Little Edo

Just half a day to bring you to a little trip to Tokyo Suburb. 
It is a place for you to experience Japanese culture.
You can just take a 50 minutes train (Seibu Shinjuku Line Rapid/ Express) from Shinjuku.
You will feel like you are riding a time machine.
Here you come to a town so-called "Little Edo."

This time, we are here in KAWAGOE for participating a big "KAWAGOE FESTIVAL,"
which is held on the third weekend in October every year.

Take part in Japanese Festival will allow us to experience traditional activities and customs in Japan.

Let's go!!
Starting our Time Travel to Kawagoe!

# Kawagoe Festival 

Kawagoe Festival held once a year; it is the biggest event in the Kanto region in this season, 
so you might find a big crowd of people in the town.
This year was up to 900 thousand people participated.
A festival held every 3rd weekend in October, you wanna join in 2015 too?

# Get our trip started in Shinjuku 

# Tickets to Kawagoe are available at the front desk of Shinjuku Prince Hotel, the red brick building. 

# 1500yen, discount tickets for foreign visitors

Everyone!! Don't miss the chance! Discounted tickets for foreign visitors!
Just 1500yen, a round-trip ticket (reserved seats) of Express train to Kawagoe.
Also, you can use the discount coupons at some specific shops, restaurants and facilities in Kawagoe. 

# "Amulet Ticket" for Seibu Train to Kawagoe only!

This is also discount tickets for foreigners!
Wish me good luck with this charm ticket^^

The discount ticket mentioned above is 1500yen, round-trip ticket(reserved seat) of express train to Kawagoe.
This Amulet ticket is  ticket (unreserved seat) of rapid train to Kawagoe. 

#Just show it to the officer.
No need to pass through the automatic ticket gate.

# Got today's date stamped! It is valid then!

# Look! We can use the ticket to take this train.

# Yeah!!! Have this "Amulet Ticket" to start our trip to Kawagoe! 

# Wait!! 

This ticket can also ride on the Express train "Red arrow. " (Reserved seat)

# But you have to add  420yen(for one way) to upgrade your amulet ticket for riding "Red Arrow."

# Let's start our trip!

# Just get to your reserved seat until destination. 

# Arriving Kawagoe in 45 minutes by train
Let's go around!!!

# Experience 1 in Kawagoe

Rent a Kimono and walk in the town of Little Edo "Kawagoe."

Kimono rental shop: Vivian

# Experience 2 in Kawagoe

Visiting Hikawa Shrine

There are a lot shrines in Kawagoe for you to take a visit!
Especially, there is a long walkway hanging a plenty of Ema (wooden plagues) on the sides. 
It is a great spot for photo shooting.

# Experience 3 ini Kawagoe

Tasting an eel rice bowl.
One of the representative gourmet in Kawagoe.


# Experience 4 in Kawagoe

Ride on a rickshaw

Wear Kimono, ride on a rickshaw, 
feel like a celebrity waving hands with the crowd.

Wow!! What a brilliant time back to the past! 

# Experience 5 in Kawagoe

Gourmet in Kawagoe!
Especially sweet potato!

# Experience 6 in Kawagoe

Walking through the retro-street in Kawagoe.
How attractive! 
What a great chance to experience the Japanese culture in Kawagoe Festival.

From Shinjuku to Tokyo suburb
what do you think?
It should be a nice trip for half day. 

To the ones who will travel in Tokyo, 
why don't you put this into your schedule
to visit the Little Edo "Kawagoe."

Next time we will introduce about the Kawagoe Festival!

To be continued...

※For more info about Kawagoe, feel free to check with Seibu Railway (English Site)

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