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# Shopping ♪ 2015 Winter Sale in Omotesando Hills! Get Something New to Start a New Year!!!

# Shopping  ♪ 2015 Winter Sale in Omotesando Hills! Get Something New to Start a New Year!!! 

A blessing shopping street  ~ Omotesando
Have you been seeing the phenomenon on the first three days on the streets in Japan?
People are lining up for something!
What are they lining up for?
Oh!  It is Fuku-bukuro (that is what Japanese called "Lucky Shopping Bag")

Most of the time, you don't know what is inside the "Lucky Shopping Bag"
But the things inside are probably worth more than the price you paid for it. 
 So people lining up for "Lucky Shopping Bag" are likely to enjoy the surprise. 

Especially Omotesando Hills, landmark of the latest fashion. 
People are looking forwards to the "Lucky Shopping Bag" here.

Beside "Lucky Shopping Bag,"
BIG SALE is most likely to be held together. 

Okay! Let us go checking out the shopping sale one by one with everyone.

Feel the sunshine in early day time~

While enjoying the street illumination in Omotesando,
let us experience the shopping of the LATEST Tokyo here in Omotesando.
Here we are the heart of Omotesando.
Omotesando Hills

The first shop that caught our eyes is

"TORAYA," a brand having a long history and tradition of making sweets
has now opened a cafe called

A modern space to feel the simplicity of Japan

A Fuku Menu (Lucky dish) here.
Oshiruko/ Zenzai (Red bean soup) is typical Japanese sweets in New Year. 

You can see the red and white odango (dumplings) for new year floating on the roasted tea flavored arrowroot red bean soup. Also, tasting it with the leaf-shaped cookie.
How cute~ the pink color dumpling is made with strawberry puree. 

※Oshiruko/ Zenzai (Red bean soup) cookie set (with drink) 1,500 yen (tax included)
Available only from 1/1~1/14

Popular items  representing "TORAYA CAFE"

 "AN PASTE," made based on "red bean" is available to taste with original snacks here.

Okay!!! We got to know the "Lucky Shopping Bag" here at "TORAYA CAFE."

※A set of two "An Paste" and four original snacks, which is wrapped inside a Furoshiki (Japanese cloth) having the design of the coming year of sheep
2,700 yen tax included (worth 3,350 yen)
Available from 1/1~1/4 

You don't wanna miss the New Year Cuisine "Osechi" in Japan.
Here where you can meet the fresh vegetables.


Good appearance, good for health and good taste
A restaurant with the concept of enjoying the "veggies" that is necessary for good health. 

Each kind of colorful vegetable is definitely make my body inside more beautiful.
Of course the Fuku Menu (Lucky dish) is made up of all these colorful vegetable.

Here you are the New Year's Cuisine "Osechi" in Japan.
Using delicious ingredient from both the sea and mountain, along with zoni soup and purple black bean rice. 
It is a dish enjoying with family together, 
hoping for luck and safety of the family. 
Basically, each ingredient has it meaning for hope. 

For example,  black beans and Iwashi Fish means good health and energy for hard-work
Long carrot means longevity.

Ayahomare (A special kind of carrot, only seen in winter from Tohoku Region) is used.
And Sashimi is being included, means let's overcome the coldness in the winter.

New Year Set (Osechi) 2,257 yen tax included 
Available from 1/1~1/18 (Last order until 16:00 everyday)

By the way, the most popular menu in "Yasaiya-Mei" is 
Garden Bagna Cauda (1,674 yen tax included)

Fresh vegetables pick up every morning from farms is used,
 together with olive oil, enchobi, garlic and various vegetables. 
Enjoying the original taste of each of them by just simply dipping the Bagna Cauda sauce.
Of course seasonal vegetables is used.

A refined style of New Year's dish 
at "R style-Fine Japanese Confectioneries-"

A famous sweets brand "R style-Fine Japanese Confectioneries-" has over 300 years of history.
Now we can find its fully refined style of cafe here at Omotesando Hills.

Feeling the warm sunshine from the window,
 looking at the falling leaves at the streets of Omotesando, 
while enjoying the Fuku Menu (Lucky Dish) .

Japanese Zoni (New Year's soup)
Seems Korean and Japanese share the familiar food in New Year.

※Fuku Fuku zoni (with drink) 1,500 yen tax included 
Only 27 sets are available from 1/1~1/18

Speaking of New Year's Zoni, 
mostly included Shrimp, yuba (bean curd) and mochi (rice cake)

It is a dish for New Year, so let's have it with a pair of featured chopsticks.
Crane means to expand and grow successfully. 

You definitely don't wanna miss the sweets at a famous sweets shop lol

One of the most popular sweets 
"Warabimochi Fondue"
Bracken fern dumpling (warabi) with soy bean custard or powered green tea sauce.
What a nice and new harmony of the Japanese and western fusion.

※Warabimochi Fondue 720 yen tax included 

Take your time to enjoy^^

Okay~ after enjoying the meal for New Year, 
let's go shopping then!!!

Sock Speciality "Tabio"

Shop having a variety of designs of socks to meet and match your style of fashion

Fuku-bukuro (Lucky Shopping Bag)
A set of 5 pairs of socks
Socks, tights, leg warmers and socks of various designs are being selected. 

※A set of 5 pairs of socks 1,620 yen tax included (worth 6,000 yen)
Available from 1/1~1/4  50 sets only!

Full of choices of different colors and designs

Corner of Embroidery service is always ready lol 

Socks for men

Casual Style

Some cute socks for babies

The popular 5-toe socks recently

What color do you like the most?

What is your favorite pattern?

Come to Tabio to get the socks for a year then!!!

Let's get into another shop!
Wow!! A beautiful shop of cosmetics!
shu uemura beauty boutique

"Happy Bag 2015" is strongly recommended by its Taiwanese staff.

※ Skin care & Makeup Kit 12,960 yen tax included (worth 25,920 yen)
1/1~1/4  Only 85 sets !!!

Select the cleansing oil and skin care & makeup kit appropriated for the type of your skin^^

Absolutely No.1 cosmetics brand !

You don't wanna miss it, right?

tsuya Essence and Lotion are well-known in Asia.

Oh! Here the special campaign for foreign visitors!!!
Even if you miss the "Happy Bag 2015."

Purchasing more than 10,800yen tax included of items other than "Happy Bag 2015,"
show your passport to get two 20ml cleansing oil as gift.
And give three if purchasing more than 21,600 yen tax included.

Wow!!! What a nice shopping compare to tax-free shop in airport.

Last but not least,
one of the well-known snacks shop
"KuKuRuza" Popcorn

Even famous stars were lining up outside the shop!

You might wanna join as well lol

※2 Gallons Golden Can 4,100 yen tax included 
1/1~1/4   everyday ONLY 30 cans!!!

Share the "Luck" in New Year!
That's how Japanese does it like this!

"Luck " is something good to share with people around you!
Let's get started then if you are in Japan during New Year!
Omotesando Hills will be one of your choices, especially for foreign visitors.

Wishing you have a "Lucky" year in 2015!

Wanna share "luck" with us?
Come to Omotesando Hills in New Year!

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