Sunday, December 28, 2014

# Entertainment ♪ Meet Domo-kun and his friends at NHK Studio Park in Shibuya!

# Entertainment ♪ Meet Domo-kun and his friends at NHK Studio Park in Shibuya!

Oh! This is our 3rd time here!
Whenever we come to Shibuya, we would come to visit NHK Studio Park
There are many reasons we love here!
The biggest reason is we like Domo-kun, which he always welcome us at the entrance!

Just like everybody's friend as an official mascot of NHK broadcast.
Looks kind and friendly
and fart sometimes lol 

Really love to see him all the time as long as we visit Harajuku and Shibuya.

NHK Studio Park welcomes everyone. 
Let's get into it!!!

NHK Studio Park

Open Hour: 10:00~18:30
Admission Fee: Adult 200 yen ; Child Free
(Groups more than 20 persons  150 yen per person)

What a nice weather today! 
This is the entrance right next to the Yoyogi Park, a carefree playground.

A surprisedly huge hi-vision screen right at the entrance welcome us.
NHK's main professional visual presentation and technical skills. 
Really wanna bring it home to see the LIVE show.

What is this?
The corner for new TV program promotion! 
Anyone knows who he is?
He is one of the well-known comedians originally from Kansai, named Chihara Jr. 
When you look closely, he somehow looks like Dono-kun though.  lol

Like a real man

This is the facial expression while he is speaking!
Interesting! Learn something about facial expression of people.

Isn't it a forest in the past?
It is a corner for you to experience how to take and shoot the video/document of "Nature"

Regular corner to experience the strength and effect of typhoon and heavy rain.
Try to do some kind of appropriate expression in front of the camera^^

Hey! They are all our friends^^
Domo-kun's family members~ 

He is Usaji, grandpa of Domo-kun.

She is Domo-kun's girlfriend?

Okay!! Here you are!
It is Domo-kun!
Actually, he is always said that "a strange creature that hatched from an egg."
He likes eating and is a good kid!
Nice idea!
Indeed, Japan is a kingdom of animation.

Oh my gosh!!! They are fight against each other?
No.... try to show off how cut they are.

Domo-kun is very popular in Asian countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong, and also America. The next goal is trying to make it well-known around the world.

Oh! New Style of Domo-kun is welcoming us!

Pink Domo-kun~

It is Strawberry Domo-kun^^
Wondering what will be the next?

Just take a break during lunch!
A themed restaurant in Studio Park~

Looks like nothing is special but actually all are related to the latest drama sna TV programs. 

In winter, still cold even with coat!
So let's have a bowl of udon (hot noodle)

When did he start coming along with us?
Little Domo-kun and real size of Udon ^^

NHK Studio Park
Whenever we go shopping in Shibuya and Harajuku, we would like to visit!
Many people would say there is no places for family and kids to do, besides shopping in Shibuya ad Harajuku.
Then, NHK Studio Park would definitely your choice.

Corners related to broadcasting and education.
Of course, Domo-kun corner as well.
Official corner and setting are really impressed and useful.

Reasonable admission fee (Adult 200 yen)
Some Live TV program shootings are feel free to participate. 

Just drop by NHK Studio Park when you are in Shibuya or Harajuku.
No doubt you will begin fall for Domo-kun.

NHK Studio Park

Open Hour: 10:00~18:30
Admission Fee: Adult 200 yen ; Child Free
(Groups more than 20 persons  150 yen per person)

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