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# Accommodation ♪ Good for long-stay! Tokyu Stay Hotel in Nihombashi

# Accommodation ♪ Good for long-stay! Tokyu Stay Hotel in Nihombshi 

Long Stay? Tokyu Stay?

Few years ago, 
the ones who come to travel Tokyo called their trip "Japan night haunted tour."
They go out from early morning until late night,
so that means they just leave their luggages and sleep at hotel. 
Therefore, the most cheapest hotels are what they preferred.

Actually, staying one day, two days in Tokyo is not enough, so if you preferred have a little bit longer stay, and wanna find a not just inexpensive hotel but also quality. 

Here, we would like to show you this hotel that you can reasonably stay longer.
It is called "Tokyu Stay Hotel Nihombashi."
You would definitely like it!  
Let see.

For official Homepage of Tokyu Stay Hotel Nihombashi:

Start line of Japan
It is easy access to Ginza, Asakusa, and Ueno areas.
Also, it is next to the town called Ningyo-cho where it is the shooting location of Keigo Higashino's novel "Shinzanmono." 
It is where Tokyu Stay Hotel Nihombashi located.

Twin Room in Tokyu Stay Hotel Nihombashi.

kitchenette for long-stay guests
(Notice: Equipment and facilities are differ from rooms, please refer to reception desk for detailed info.)

Good news for ladies
(ion hair dryer, and beauty facial machine)

Right located at the street in Nihombashi

Mituskoshi Department in Nihombashi
It is an lively area of merchant doing trade interaction in the Edo Period.

Let's check the location of Nihombashi and Tokyu Stay Hotel Nihombashi

Let's go!

A model style hotel lounge

If you are interested, you can rent a basket of ladies beauty set from reception desk.

A spacious double room.
Can you see the huge washing and drying machine and refrigerator next to the door?
Wow!!! Perfect! 

Double room is good for staying a night

Clean bathroom with toilet together

Everything is well-equipment in the room.

Maybe not as spacious as you expect but it is full of idea 

Fridge is nicely hidden under the cupboard! Cool!
Then we can just sit on the carpet and drink relaxingly.

Good to have socket plug next to the bed. 
Tiny but friendly design for guests; not many hotels did it!
Just like a privately room to stay even a month is still no problem.

Next, let's us go to see the twin room.  
A warm bright room

A nice match of the color tone

Bathroom and toilet are separated. No bothering lol 

What is the difference from other hotel is the equipment that meet the need of guests, like what we just have in daily life. 
Kitchenette is just perfect for long-stay guests. 
Also, washing and drying machine, and microwave. 
(Facilities vary from rooms. Please refer to reception desk for more detailed)

The idea of the well-equipped room is to allow guests to save more on travel expense. How impressive!

Let's have some ladies' time.  Let see...

To keep skin in moisture, using the beauty facial machine everyday is highly recommended!

Good morning! 
What a refreshing time!
Even a month traveling in Tokyo is not enough if everyday staying in this hotel ^^

An appropriate location to experience living in Tokyo. 
Enjoy lunch outside and then, grab some food from convenience stores or supermarket back to home at night, try making some Japanese dishes.
At the same time, do laundry, watching the latest Japanese dramas on TV, and doing facial care.

Sounds enjoyable?
Just make a simple arrangement to experience a little more different thing in your stay in Japan.
Seems many people come back again and again. 

We highly recommend to couple who just married wanna save more money
and the ones who are longing for living in Japan.
This is probably a good try at first^^

Wanna come and experience?

Again the hotel is called 
Tokyu Stay Hotel Nihombashi.

For official Homepage of Tokyu Stay Hotel Nihombashi:

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