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# Wi-Fi in Japan ♪ DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors! Come on! Get to use the Wi-Fi spot of DOCOMO

# Wi-Fi in Japan ♪ DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Vistors!  Come on! Get to use the Wi-Fi spot of DOCOMO

Are you ready for Wi-Fi Service? 
Have a smart trip with "DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors"
A Wi-Fi service of a well-known Telecom Company DOCOMO

Nowadays, "Network Connection"  is essential to oversea travel.
You will definitely feel inconvenient if you are stayed connected. 
It would be like isolated in a foreign country.
Although you could still bring guide book with you during travel, 
you absolutely prefer smartphone more in this high-tech century, 
as long as being updated and be more informative anytime, anywhere. 

Especially in Japan, 
you might find 2 patterns of Wi-fi networking:
USIM and Rental Pocket Wi-Fi 
But since these 2 methods are costly and wouldn't work if without charger,
so no doubt you will feel inconvenience and stressed during travel.

If you have been to Japan before,
you would have seen the indication of 
DOCOMO, au, or softbank's "FREE Wi-Fi Spot" on your smartphone.
But most of the time, 
you are required id and password.
What it actually means for "FREE" is 
free service for the registered users of each telecom company.

This time, we would like to recommend you this
"DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors"
It is a free service provided to the DOCOMO's registered users in Japan. 
1 week for only 972 yen
or 3-week for 1,404 yen (tax included)
It is a favorable price to foreign visitors to obtain a stable free network service.

We are going to show you how we use it 
at the DOCOMO's free Wi-Fi spots.

Try to click on the above image 
"DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors"

Case 1 Ginza, Tokyo
Brilliant Tokyo Tower, Tokyo's symbol

Ueno, always in lively in crowd 

Busy flow of Shibuya scramble crossing 

Congratulations to 100th anniversary, Tokyo Station! 

Ginza, one of the most fashionable areas

Although have already check out many shops before travel, 
we always wanna have the most updated information like sales, and blah blah blah...

Oh! Are you familiar to this logo? 
Let's have a coffee first!

This cute mushroom character is the logo of 
"DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors"

Glad that we have already registered with id and Password in hotel before going out.

Connected successfully!

Wow!! There are a lot of SPOTS of "DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors" in Ginza! 
No worry any more!

Let see our location now.

Starbucks in Ginza Matsuya

Trustful huh!

Let's update our status on Facebook! Yeah!

Wonder where to have lunch?
Okay!! Here we go!! 
Kobe beef teppanyaki!
Oh!!! "MISONO" teppanyaki is just nearby!

Kobe Beef Teppanyaki! Absolutely!
We are smart enough to have smartphone and Wi-fi network for lunch! 

It is a little bit out of budget...
no worry at this time
we can use JCB cards...
earn some points for original present at the same time lol

Okay! Our goal for today is the most popular item among ladies.
Cream cheek base of "Ladurée" 
Glad that we have Wi-Fi network to find the location of this store!
(Mistsukoshi Ginza B1)

Network connection is our life!

 Case 2 Karuizawa
Let's go to the countryside of Tokyo. 
On the way of Shinkansen, we are playing around with the cute erasers from 100 yen shop DAISO.

Wow!! Like a different world while getting off the train out of the station. 
It is snowy in Karuizawa.

Let's have a crazy shopping in the renewed Karuizawa Prince Shopping Mall.

Oh my gosh!!! 
It is too huge here.  We have no ideas of where to go first!

Oh!!! Lucky!
"DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors"
Let's download all the shop information at Wi-fi Spots in front of the station.

Crazy Shopping starts! Small happiness!

Ready for some outdoor activities! Let's have some sporty fashion.

Match us?

Seeing heart-shaped snow drops to finish our crazy shopping.

We are not doing selfie lol

looking for places for nice food ^^

How was our recommendation?
In this IT world,
flow of information is being updated in a rapid rate. 
In order to share with you all the updated info to travel in Japan,
we would like to show the smart way to travel!

There you are! Internet Service!
USIM, global roaming, pocket Wi-Fi, various ways to get connected!
But the thing you concern the most should be the stability and convenience, 

"DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors" Service
Share the same Wi-Fi spots with the Japanese users throughout Japan. 
Reasonable price to foreign visitors
you might also use with USIM too.
Saving your expense on travel and making your travel more easy and free.

Just give it a try!
1 week for only 972 yen
or 3-week for 1,404 yen (tax included)
It is a favorable price to foreign visitors to obtain a stable free network service.

Click the above image for "DOCOMO Wi-Fi for Visitors"

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