Saturday, December 27, 2014

# Shopping ♪ Shopping for Christmas in Shinjuku,Tokyo! Shinjuku Shopping Center Flags

# Shopping ♪ Shopping for Christmas in Shinjuku,Tokyo! Shinjuku Shopping Center Flags

Merry Christmas!
Are you guys excited?
Are you guys ready?

Why do we say that?
No matter how your days was in 2014,
let's wish for a brand new year in 2015. 

A new year with expectations and blessings~

Although a lot of places have been suffered heavy snow,
Tokyo is still having a warm atmosphere for Christmas. 

Okay! Let's go shopping! 
Here we are at Flags ^^
Full of Christmas atmosphere around ^^

Flags is located right next to the JR Shinjuku Station Southeast Exit 

Wow!! A giant Christmas tree at the entrance (1F GAP)

Christmas decoration can be found here at the banner on the 2F

The concept of 
"Flags Ballade ~Fantasy from the heart" reminding us the song of John Winston Lennon~

Entering from the entrance of 2F
feel fashionable every time shopping at Flags

Our eyes are all on SAZABY "bijiness"

How fashionable!! Can't help not to buy one for

Let see...

Since it is tax free... 
How tempted!!!

"CAPMER" a shoes brand concerns practicality and design!!! 
It is one of our favorite brands.

This is a tax free shop too!
Just enjoy 8% tax return after purchasing more than 10,001 yen!

checking the size...

cute and comfortable

We love the shoes as long as the bags lol

Okay! Another world.... SAZABY
brand representing Japan

The most popular England grid style

To be more stylish and updated!!
Got one for our Christmas' present!

Unique Accessory Shop

Christmas Set!

British retro feel watch

How worth to do purchasing while enjoying tax free service

A lovely store "NOJESS"

Make us feel like in a fairy tale

Interesting to see any kinds of designs and collaborations! 

can't help not to recognize this sign

the bag or the sign?!? lol

By the way, we are here today for a new coat for winter.
Then, we come to "Another Edition, " a brand we have known for about one year.

A unique series of designs

You don't wanna miss this pattern in Christmas huh?
Shopping mood again and again!

Exciting Shopping Time
Especially in Christmas, and glad that we got to know the shopping building "Flags"
Got ourselves Christmas presents then!

The most important thing is 
you will never wanna miss the chance of enjoying tax free service.

If you have chance coming to Tokyo in new year, 
why don't you just have a great one here in "Flags"

Directly connected to Shinjuku South Exit 

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