Tuesday, December 9, 2014

# Shopping ♪ Let's go shop at B:MING, casual fashion at IKSPIARI, Shopping Mall Outside Tokyo Disneyland

# Shopping ♪ Let's go shop at B:MING, casual fashion at IKSPIARI, Shopping Mall Outside Tokyo Disneyland  

Fantasy and Magic of the world 

Enjoy the high quality of life style at IKSPIARI,  
a shopping Mall at Maihama 


Just 17 minutes from Tokyo Station by Keiyo Line.
Get off at Maihama Station. 
Here you go!  
Let's enter a fantastic world of 
Tokyo Disney Resort. 
Just 17 minutes by train, moving from a city of hustle and bustle to a fairy tale in the dream world.

 Get along with kids to play around this world 
then, you might always see people holding 2 big full shopping bags 
but never look tired on the way back home.

On the other side of JR Maihama Station,
there is another entrance to a shopping mall called IKSPIARI.
Here is where you extend your happiness after visiting Tokyo Disney Resort.

On 9/6,  Japan's leading casual wear brand "BEAMS" has its new concept brand store called 

 From clothing to daily necessities, a rich assortment of BEAMS items can be found here!
Okay, in order to not just fall into the dream, 
today, let's take a look at it!

Japan's leading casual wear BEAMS with its new concept of lifestyle!
Let's go shopping with your family!

JR Maihama Station
Just 17 minutes train from Tokyo Station by Keiyo line
Nothing special from other stations.
The only different thing is most people have something put on their head 
like Mickey shaped headband and accessories. 
Making it the entrance of a dream land.

JR Maihama South Exit

IKSPIARI Shopping mall is right in front.

Okay! Today's main role is "B: MING LIFE STORE"
Located at the right of IKSPIARI!
It is very easy to find!

Entrance of B: MING

Ladies' Corner

Seasonal Casual wear for ladies

BEAMS is a fashion brand combining both element of casual comfort and trendy style.

Present the elegant style

Men's Corner 

Cozy casual men's wear

Express BEAMS original concept!
Everyone is cool while wearing BEAMS!

Camouflage style, outdoor style, street casual fashion, etc. 
Combine a variety of fashion elements and concepts of casual fashion. 
How adorable!

Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner: Parents who are sensitive to fashion; their kids are of course wearing fashionable as well!!!

Not exaggerate.
Comfort and  trendy design shows the original style of B: MING.
The coat with a pair of little ears is so cute. 
What do you think?

BEAMS dad, BEAMS baby, BEAMS mom!!! lol 
A family in casual wear

Life goods' Corner

Miscellaneous goods corner of B: MING LIFE STORE  
A hometown in the countryside of west coast of America. 
All kitchen items focus on its label design!

Just have a little change on the kitchen items at home
Turn your "normal kitchen at home" to feel like "a warm family" lol

The whole store is full of warm colors and cozy BGM 
Let's have a relaxing happy hour!

Let's use the mug cup for coffee this morning! ^^ 

B: MING LIFE STORE IKSPIARI Shopping Center at Maihama

A special vacation. 
A special Tokyo trip.

After playing around in Tokyo Disneyland/ Disney Sea with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy,
why don't we comfort ourselves with some stylish casual commodities?
Let's come to B: MING LIFE STORE to finish our trip of Disney. 

Using the cute mug cup bought at B: MING LIFE STORE, 
whenever drinking a coffee, no doubt it will recall your memory spent in Disneyland!

A casual life style in your normal daily life
here is your choice
Japan's representative casual wear brand!


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