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# Travel ♪ Going to Nasu with our Lovely Friends! -Prologe-

# Travel ♪ Going to Nasu with our Lovely Friends!  

From JR Ueno Station to Nasu Kogen, just 1 hour and 10 minutes by Shinkansen.
A HOT hot springs spots among us!
We definitely come here in Spring , Summer, Autumn and Winter all seasons.

Autumn has passed,   
Looking at the leaves on the ground,
it was the last week of November.

Here we come

Our fashion in Nasu Travel

Breezing wind in November in Nasu.
Let us taking a visit to the newly opened sports fashion store on the 8F of BICQLO in Shinjuku
We bought a few items for outdoor activities at "Ishii Sports." 

"Ishii Sport" at BICQLO 8F in Shinjuku 

The most newly outdoor activity shops in Tokyo! 
you might also find many outdoor activity shops in the area of Jinbocho in Tokyo!

Nasu Animal Kingdom

A must-visit place in Nasu!
We come here every time. 
Interact with animals closely 
get in touch with them 
enjoy a zero distance experience.
Let's try feeding Capybara's mom and baby!

It is the special lunch representing Nasu Animal Kingdom. 
Wow!!! It is Capybara's curry rice!

Alpaca just born 2 months. Its name is called "Kaze. (means wind)"
Walking slowing, with big eyes, keep smelling something by nose,
anyways, all actions are cute!

Highly Recommended the most delicious bagel store in Japan.

Bagel que-veau
Address: 23-4 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture

We have asked the master about the different of the bagel here!
he said it is the texture of the pastry right after baking. 
Just give it a try when you come to Nasu. 

Hotel Epinard Nasu

One of the large- scaled hotel resort "Hotel Nasu Epinard"!
We are here for dinner! (Nasuno)
Wow!!! It is a full-course set of dishes,
Of course it is delicious and beautiful like an art.

Hotel Epinard Nasu 
Massage Salon (Nagomi)

Since the concept of our trip is <Recharge>!
So, we gotta have present for ourselves. 
Not only a general body massage to let our whole body to relax 
but what it is called in Japan is
~a trip for relaxation~

Hotel Epinard Nasu

We really can't forget the high quality of the buffet here!
Tochgi produced milk, french toast,  and rice with topping of fresh egg and mentaiko (Cod Roe) , 
How delicious!
Or a rice ball with a miso sauce, simply delicious breakfast.
We are definitely well-satisfied by both lunch and dinner.

Hotel Epinard Nasu

Experiencing workshop
Let's make a real snow dome.!
Just 1500 yen in 90 minutes.
Then, we could bring our original snow dome home with us!

Nasu Trick Art Museum

After Nasu Animal Kingdom, 
Cafe Bagel que-veau, 
you don't wanna miss this too!
Nasu Trick Art Museum 

Come here to challenge your infinite imagination. 

Wow!!! Over our imagination! ^^

Udon Shop

We recommend to rent of a car to travel around.
Then, you might get on and off easily to try, eat and see 
what ever you want. 
Wow! A big bowl of soup noodle and tempura udon!!! 
Making us so full lol

Paradise town for cycling!

While we were staying at Niki Hotel,  
we rented a bicycle to enjoy the view of nature for refreshment. 

Once again!

Nasu is a town for cycling!
The whole town is promoting the activity of cycling.
When you have chance coming here, 
rent a bicycle
feel the breeze of autumn!

Let's take a snapshot with little monster coooby!
When are they going to be well-known ? lol
Black and white coooby 
What a good contrast to the autumn background. 

Download from iTunes 

Niki Club 
Art biotop

Art biotop of B & B Style in Niki Club

Heaters are provided outside on the weekends. 
Let's us directly feel the nature together!
What a luxurious travel in Nasu. 

Niki Club 
Restaurant La Brise

Most of the vegetable ingredient are made by the harvest grown in their own field. 
Simply just feel and see the characteristics of Niki Club in Nasu.

Niki Club 

A bunch of Art Biotop first-handed experience!
How happy of the soba making experience.

This is the cheese provided on the first class of Japan Airlines (JAL) 

Oh! It uses the original cheese from the farm of Chusudake in Nasu. 
Can't wait to get one too! ~~

Homemade Ice cream

Wow!! We really experienced a lot here in Nasu!
This time was out first time to make ice cream in Minami-gaoka Farm.


Clear water, so do delicious cake!

Wow!!! Let's enjoy the desserts from KOUGEN -NO- TABLE during the Italian buffet.

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu Resort 
Open-air hot springs.

It is a hotel honored as the best hot springs water !
The origin of the hot springs is well-known hot springs "Shika no yu"
What a nice picture of of enjoying the seasonal garden view together with a open-aired hot springs!

Hotel Sunvelley Nasu Resort

What is well-known in the large scale "Sunvalley Nasu Resort"?
The meal here!
Hot springs and gourmet!
Perfect place huh!

Sunvalley Nasu Resort

Another thing to be proud of here in sunvalley is the illumination.
Using 300,000 bulbs to light up the whole garden in sunvalley. 
It makes Sunvalley Nasu Resort a fantastic paradise.

Sunvalley Nasu Resort
Christmas Special Plan

Let's make a christmas house with various kind of cookies and candies!
Wow!! How impressive!

Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle all the ways!
Christmas is coming!
Let's take a trip to Nasu then!

To be continued!

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