Monday, December 15, 2014

#Traveling ♪ Let's go and go to Osaka! Universal Studio in Japan yeah!!! Coooby the Run!!!

#Traveling ♪ Let's go and go to Osaka!  Universal Studio in Japan yeah!!!  Coooby the Run!!!

Let's have some fun in USJ!
In Tokyo, there is Tokyo Disneyland 
In Osaka, there is USJ (Universal Studio Japan)
Even you are Japanese living in Japan, 
you would like to spend a visit!
Actually, this was my third time visiting here! 
It still impressed me!
Especially all those attractive performance! 
This time traveling in Osaka, we stayed at the following hotel
Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier

★ Just 20 minutes from Hotel to USJ
You can use the free shuttle of hotel moving to JR Osaka Station (About 5 minutes)
Then transfer JR to OSAKA USJ (180 yen/ about 15 minutes) 
※Depends on the destination of the train, transfer of train is required.
No doubt it is a hotel convenient for USJ and Osaka Sightseeing!
Okay! Let's go!
from Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier

moving to USJ!!
For travel agency:
USJ English Page:

From Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier moving to USJ
Let's try to having a big jump at the lounge of hotel
Wow!!! Just a second to move to USJ!

Harry Potter
The most attractive attraction om USJ!
Yes! It is Harry Potter!
Remember to check out the "Express Booklet" for reservation and stuff!
You know what? You won't get the ticket on the same day.
Let's check the 
"Express Booklet" latest update! 
(Japanese only)

Universal Studio Japan
What if the Osaka Castle is right behind the Globe lol
There are more than a couple ten thousand of visitors to USJ everyday!
You don't wanna miss this sightseeing spot!

A variety of shows and performances 
Not only attractions! there are still a lot for enjoyment!
It is an impression amusement park.

Haven't experienced roller coaster yet even have been here for 3 times.

Taking photo with some animation characters in USJ
Although there are no professionals here for photography,
just grab the chance when you meet your favorite characters in USJ!!
How exciting!

The most powerful entertainment in USJ
... in our opinion though.....
What a wonderful combination of 3D graphics and roller coaster!
Wow!! Exciting !!! Impressive!!!

Everybody screams!!!! for spider-man!!!

Nice combination of 3D graphics and indoor roller coaster
Wow!! Feel like we have become spider-man leaping between buildings

After enjoying attraction, 
let's check some of the related products. 
Screaming at shop too!!!

Met spider-man after riding spider-man attraction

 Cooopy VS Spider-man
Visitors dress up in Halloween. 
If you like cosplay, 
just come to USJ during this Halloween week. 
Of course, the cosplay of this spider-man is not official sold. 
By the way, we are interested in COOOBY.

Let's get ready when you are taking photo with jaws

Let's get something impressive!

OMG! A thrilling attack!!
A chilling scene from movie!

Jurassic Park
Spider-man/ Jaws/ Jurassic Park
3 attractions that you don't wanna miss!

After surviving from Jurassic Park, 
let's have a dinosaur leg to restore energy!

Keep shopping!!!

The sightseeing spot you don't wanna miss in Osaka!
Universal Studio Japan (USJ)
Don't hesitate!
Just come and have fun!
For travel agency:
USJ English Page:

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