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# Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone by Hakone Signtseeing Cruise! Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone!

# Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone !
 Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone! 
Riding Hakone Sightseeing Cruise!

Evangelion bus to Hakone!
Then let us to be a pirate of the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise for a day then!lol

Have you seen a cruise at Lake Ashinoko?
After hot springs, ropeway, 
you don' t wanna miss Hakone Sightseeing Cruise then~

Evangelion bus from Haneda International Airport to Hakone

 Backdrop for the Evangelion story ~ Tokyo-3
Entrance of Hakone 
Here it is "Togendai."

Hakone Ropeway allows you to feel like walking on the sky

Hakone Lake Hotel

Wow !! What a nice set of dinner! 

A comfortable guestroom (Twin rooms)

Modern ZEN style of Tatami room

A big bath 

Open-air hot springs 
relax both our body and soul~
How comfortable!

I am becoming a pirate! lol

Here we are at ticket counter.

Purchasing  Sightseeing Cruise & Ropeway 1-Day Ticket (2,940yen)

Oh!! Get on the cruise!!!
Hello Pirate! (Jack^^)

(Pirate ship)Sightseeing Cruise moving on the lake!
Should be a lot of adventure ahead then lol

Royal Ⅱ 
Capacity: 550 people 
Just 30 minutes from Togendai to Moto-Hakone
It is built according to the Ancient French ship.

Happy 50th Anniversary to Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. 
Feel impressed when we saw the statues in the front.

3D illusion art everywhere inside the cruise 

The crew is working so hard! Look at his seriously face! lol

Full of medieval European-style interior design

Landscape that looking out from the window is beautifully like a painting

Priority seat well-prepared for handicapped guests

Shops are part of the facility 

Let's move on!  Bound for Northwest.! 
Go ahead!

Besides looking at the landscape around
don't forget to enjoy the artistry and authenticity as a pirate ship.

Torii of Kuzuryujinja Shrine

Its origin is Hakone Shrine. 
On the 13th of each month, 
many ladies will go to worship and pray for their love and marriage in the future.

Antique architectural design  
Prince Palace Hotel 

Wow!! Awesome! 
Are we in the paradise? 

About 30 minutes, 
finally arrived Moto-hakone. 

Oh!!! we have seen this torii from the cruise.

Our inner clocks have alerted us it is time for lunch! 
We can't help ourselves of not walking towards to restaurant. lol

After getting off the cruise,  
we decided to have lunch at a restaurant called Odakyu Ashinoko Restaurant.


Bowl of rice topped with HAKONE soy milk skins  \1300

Specialty of Hakone ~ Yuba
It is also called Tofu skin, and bean curd skin. 
It is a food product made from soybeans. 
If you wanna have something other than noodles, 
this bowl rice is a good try!

1F of restaurant. 
It is a shop for Japanese souvenir. 
Of course, you may also find local sake of Hakone.  

Talk a walk along the shade trees road

Hakone Shrine

Built in Year 757, the oldest shrine in Hakone.
Let us feel another different landscape of Hakone. 
A highly recommended spot for the ones who have never been to here!

History of several hundreds year

It is said that it was General Tokugawa Ieyasu's idea to plant trees here and build this 
Parthenon Main Street   
Giving us the sense of tranquility and peace, 

Those who wear yellow caps are elementary school students having field trip.

Feel a little bit hungry ......
Oh! It is tea time. 
What a nice harmony of bitter green tea and sweet red bean soup with dumpling!
A perfect match!

A peaceful afternoon.

Unfortunately, the weather is not good enough to allow us to be able to see the Mount Fuji.
Wish you could see it when you have chance visiting.

Why heading to Hakone right after arriving Japan?

No need to get on train when you arrive Tokyo. 
Directly taking the Evangelion bus from Haneda Airport. 

Different from Tokyo, 
it is a place with mountains and water, 
a land of mother nature 

Hakone give you freshness every time.
Try to plan your Tokyo Trip 
with one-day of Hakone Travel in the middle or 
you might just wanna directly go from Haneda Airport. 

Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone, backdrop for the Evangelion story ~ Tokyo-3

# Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone! Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone
 Ridng Ropeway! 

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