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# Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone! Ridng Ropeway! Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone

# Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone! Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone
 Ridng Ropeway! 

From Haneda International Airport to Hakone Hot Springs
Moving by Evangelion wrapping bus to Hakone, 
backdrop for the Evangelion story ~ Tokyo-3

Last time, 
we had introduce the route from airport to Hakone,
giving you the image of a fun trip to Hakone. 

Today, let us show you one of the famous sightseeing spots
Taking Hakone ropeway, going up to Owakudani!!!

One-way ticket from Haneda Airport (International Terminal) to Hakone  2,260 yen (tax included)

How relaxing to spend the time at the Evangelion bus !

About 2.5 hours, we are arriving "Togendai."

▲ Hakone Sightseeing Cruise and Hakone Ropeway

What is next?
We recommend a typical golden route of sightseeing in Hakone. 
Using Sightseeing Cruise & Ropeway 1-Day Ticket (2,940yen)

No hesitation!  (May I have a 1-Day Ticket?) ^^

Okay! Let the officer to check the ticket

Take your time to overview the beautiful view from the ropeway

It is Lake  Ashinoko at the back. 
We are heading to Owakudani! 

How excited to see the broadened mother nature!

Hakone Ropeway
The whole rope is 2516.20 m 
About 5m./1s speed
Carry approximate 1,440 people every hour.
Getting off at Owakudani, so called Jikoku Onsen 
You don't wanna miss it!

Late November
it is a perfect timing to enjoy fall foliage.  

Speed is at  5m per second 

It it a smooth ride. Even elderly don't have to worry! 
we are just like walking in the air!!
It is a beautiful garden in the sky!

Hakone Ropeway

You can see the view of Mount Fuji at the homepage.

A must-visit place in Hakone Travel!

What a fantastic show of hot springs and steam! 
It is just like a wonderland!

we are waiting for this moment!

Oh!  Kuro-tamago (Black Egg) in Hakone

Eat one to extend your lifespan for 7 years longer!
Although it is all black outside, it is nothing special in the center lol

Thinking if eating one can extend 7 more years to live, 
you might definitely want to have more and more.^^

By the way, 
why it is black in color?
We all know boil an egg just take us 10 minutes. 

In this case, 
black egg in Hakone
1. Boil slowly in the Hot springs water of Owakidani (80°C) for an hour.
2. Then chemical reaction of carbon and iron combine to form sulfide iron; therefore, it turns black.
3. Boil in hot water for 5 minutes (95-100°C)

Black eggs also ride on mini ropeway to the top of the mountain.

Of course there is souvenir corner in front of the Owakudani Station

"KitKat of green tea flavor"
Wow!! The most popular corner as Japanese souvenir !
Foreign visitor!!!
Don't miss out!

Souvenir for riding Hakone Ropeway
The wings are so cute!

Have a memorial piece at the photo taking corner. 
you might also put on the officer uniform.
Next let's go to have something to eat! Go!

Today's special!
 At Owakudani Ekisyokudo Restaurant

Owakudani original curry and rice 
with deepfried pork cutlet and onsen Tamago (soft boiled )  1,400yen  
Beef stew (with rice) -featuring New Zealand beer-  1,600yen

The most popular dishes in this restaurant. 

How delicious! 
Got extended lifespan before,
then Hot springs egg again. 

Okay!!! walk in the sky again!
back to Togendai 

Don't wanna go home!

Between Owakudani station and Togendai Station is
Ubako Station

There are Ropeway car used in the past displayed here!

The oldest model (Right)
Capacity: 12 people at once
Totally 2800 people had rode on it

The 2nd model (Left)
Capacity: 13 people at once
Totally 2800 people had rode on it

The 3rd model (present)
Since 2006 ~ now
Capacity: 18 people at once

I have visited Japan in 2003. 
Therefore, I have rode on the 2nd model before. 

Mount Fuji can be seen if it is good weather.

What a fun trip up high in the sky lol

After relaxing at ropeway, having curry rice
We are now heading to Hakone Lake Hotel. 

Wow !! What a nice set of dinner! 

Definitely it is delicious!
Can't you feel us? By just looking at our facial expression  lol

Nice blue sky 
enjoy our time!

@ Hakone Lake Hotel

What a good enjoyment!
Hot springs after Ropeway Ride!
That's an ideal travel!

Sail off!

A cruise appears in the Lake Ashinoko!

Another relaxing spot!
Heading to Hakone Shrine~

Again, Hakone is an area you don't wanna miss when you come to Tokyo!
Our Hakone Travel keeps going 

To be continued...

For more details about schedule of Odakyu departing from Haneda Airport!

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