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# Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone! Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone, backdrop for the Evangelion story ~ Tokyo-3

# Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone!  Taking Evangelion bus from Hakone Airport to Hakone, backdrop for the Evangelion story ~ Tokyo-3

From Haneda Airport to Hakone 

backdrop for the Evangelion story ~ renamed as Tokyo-3

Town for Hot Springs 

You know what ?
There are most direct flights to 
Hanada Airport from 
 Taipei Songshan Airport and
from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport?
Even flights from America and Europe! 

Then, you can ride a bus directly from Haneda Airport to Hakone!
So that you don't have to bother moving to Shinjuku and take the Odakyu Romance Car (train) to Hakone then.

you don't wanna miss the place use as the theme backdrop of the popular Japanese representing animation "Evangelion"

Today, let us ride on the "Evangelion bus" operated by the main transportation group Odakyu in Hakone. 

One-way ticket from Haneda International Airport to Hakone  (2,260円)

Ticket counter is right at the arriving floor of Haneda International Airport 

One-way Ticket form Haneda International Airport (International Terminal) to Hakone Hot Springs town is just 2,260yen (Tax included)

You can make the payment by cash or credit card.  
Destination is Togendai in Hakone.

By the way, where is Togendai?
One of the famous sightseeing spot in Hakone!
It is also the starting point to ride on Hakone Ropeway and Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. 
It just takes us 2 minutes walk from the Hakone Lake Hotel we stayed. 
And the last stop of airport Limousine Bus from Hakone Airport!

Area around Togendai, Owakudani and Moto-hakone Port 
Convenient to move around the most sightseeing areas

For more info (English)

Bus stop of Limousine Bus is on the 1F of Haneda Airport (International airport)
At the arrival lounge of Haneda Airport 
Tokyo Monorail Railway is on the left and Keikyu Railway is on the right
Go down stair then! 

Evangelion bus 

It is one of our favorite animations in childhood "Evangelion."
How exited!
(We imagine if this bus will become Transformers afterward)

Looking all over the whole bus,
 it is totally themed by "Evangelion."

Coin collecting box are themed "Evangelion" ^^

Welcome to fortress city, Tokyo 3

Glad that a restroom is built at the back of the bus
Since the bus won't be stopping lol

There are outlet plugs next to every seat.
How friendly to users!

We are excited whenever we see these outlet plugs.
Maybe because our smartphone and laptops are always out of charge!

Oh! Broadcasting in the car is the voice that girl in "Evangelion."

Yeah!!! We are in Japan! ♪

What a nice weather!
Feel the luck whenever we see Mount Fuji
the holy spot representing Japan

Sengokubara, Hakone Onsen Street
Wow!!! We have seen this cool scenery on the PR poster of Hakone!!!

Sengokubara, Hakone 

Let's take a talk on the field
Highly recommended to visit in November.

Togendai Station 

The last stop of Airport Limousine Bus
where it is available to get on Hakone Ropeway and Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. 

Okay! Let's share the schedule of our trip (One Night Two Days)

Day 1
Airport Limousine Bus from Haneda Airport (One-way 2,260yen)
Get off at Togendai (last stop)
※Purchase the Sightseeing Cruise & Ropeway 1-Day Ticket (2,940yen)
Get on Hakone  Ropeway to Owakudani (Owakudani Jigoku Onsen, Kurotamaog Black eggs)
Get back to Togendai in the evening. 
Check in at the Hakone Lake Hote 

Day 2
Have breakfast at hotel
Get on Hakone Sightseeing Cruise at Togendai Station
Arrive at Moto-hakone
Sightseeing at Hakone Shrine, Hakone town, 
Parthenon Main Street of Himalayan cedar street trees, Hakone Sekisho, 
Onshi Hakone Park
※ It is available to take Hakone Sightseeing Cruise to Togendai
Then leave Hakone from Togendai Station back to Shinjuku by Airport Limousine Bus

There is no big problem if you stay in hotel in Tokyo~

Or you can look at the above plan as your reference.
Starting your trip from Haneda Airport!

 Sightseeing Cruise & Ropeway 1-Day Ticket (2,940yen)

You can buy it at Shinjuku or Haneda Airport 
2,940 yen

Hakone Ropeway 

How cute is it!
At the same time, let enjoy the beautiful view 

You can take a look at the view of Mount Fuji from Ropeway!

Capacity is 18 people

Black eggs from Owakudani
Believe it or not!
Expand your lifespan 7 more years by eating one!
Highly recommended huh!!
Anyways, feel the magic power of bring happiness to us!

At Owakudani Ekisyokudo Restaurant

Curry here is must-try!
Combination of curry and onsen tamago (Hot springs egg) !
What a perfect match!

Owakudani original curry and rice with deep fried pork cutlet with onsen tamago
1,400 yen

where we stay?

Hakone Lake Hotel

Dinner at a Onsen ryokan (Hot springs hotel)

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

Wow!! How gorgeous!

Have some previews:

Like a fantastic phenomenon
The red one if Torii of Hakone Shrine!
Mount Fuji is available to seen if it is good weather!

Highly recommended!
Looking over Hakone Sightseeing Cruise from a big Torii

Hakone Shrine

20m on the top is the Hakone Shrine in the forest!
Let's explore this mysterious place. 

History of several hundreds year

It is said that it was General Tokugawa Ieyasu's idea to plant trees here and build this 
Parthenon Main Street   

Parthenon Main Street of Himalayan cedar street trees!
Feel like we are in a wonderland!
A paradise!!!

Timetable of Odakyu bus from Haneda International Airport

Have an enjoyable hot springs trip !
Here you are in Hakone!

You would definitely be attracted by its charm!

Will share more about our trip and pictures later.

To be continued 

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