Wednesday, January 28, 2015

# JAPANESE Pharmaceutical ♪ CRYSTAL VEIL ANTIMICROBIAL MASK against from all kinds of bacteria and pollen

# JAPANESE Pharmaceutical ♪ CRYSTAL VEIL ANTIMICROBIAL MASK against from all kinds of bacteria and pollen 

Bacteria is the origin of all diseases. 
But simply using this face mask spray to protect from bacteria.
You might know Japanese people like using mask. 
Recently, it is the peak season of influenza.
So no doubt there are may people on the street wearing mask. 
For real, not everyone did catch a cold but to prevent from cold. 
This is how Japanese people dealing with their health management. 
But you know, all the bacteria is invisible "enemy."
Not only the bacteria of influenza but also dust and particles in the air. 
All are no doubt threat to our health. 
So today, we would like to introduce you a magic antimicrobial mask!

In Japanese, it is named "CRYSTAL VEIL MASK Bokin 24" (Antimicrobial Mask)
A useful and effective Japanese pharmaceutical. 

Almost the same size as a sticky glue.

Let's take a look at the instructions on pictures.
Use it before and after wearing a mask can be more effective against bacteria. 
A product contains the long-acting antimicrobial agent Etak can provide 24-hour protection against pollen. 

Let's try! 
And take a walk on the crowded street of Shibuya.

Let's try! 
And take a walk on the crowded street of Shibuya.

Just press softly!

Let your friend try it too!
What do you feel?
"We are protected by CRYSTAL VEIL already then!"

Wearing a mask, not only for yourself but also for the ones around you! 
Isn't it called the "omotenashi" (Japanese hospitality)?
Instead of just wearing a normal mask, 
why don't you wanna try an antimicrobial mask?
Then, you will be feeling more safe from bacteria.
You don't need to worry about the smell after repeated use of masks. 
If you have chance visiting Japan, 
wanna get a "CRYSTAL VEIL ANTIMICROBIAL MASK" at drug store? 
1,420 yen (20 mm)

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