Thursday, January 29, 2015

# JAPANESE Pharmaceutical ♪ Liquid Plaster Ekivan A !!! Convenient! Innovative!

# JAPANESE Pharmaceutical ♪ Liquid Plaster Ekivan A !!! Convenient! Innovative!

Known as OK stretched bandage
Now has been transformed into " liquid " adhesive plaster EKIVAN A
Living in this era of society, 
it is peaceful enough to avoid any significant injury in daily life. 
Remember in the childhood, 
mom always got us some stretched bandage when we were hurt while playing around. 
Now, although we don't get to have chance play around like kids,
we might still sometimes got cut by paper in the office like notebook, brand new copy paper. 
Or any careless slip in freezing weather
or even while opening instant noodles package lol
Last time, 
when we were traveling to Osaka,
we cut the finger! 
Glad that we have this useful pharmaceutical. 
Let us share with you.

Summer in 2014
Speaking of Osaka, 
there are a lot attractive places to eat and to play around. 
We stayed in Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier. 
From there, we successfully conquer the Osaka!!!  lol
Are you ready?
Let's go!!
From the hotel to the amusement park!

A place you definitely don't wanna miss!!
Universal Studio Japan! 
a.k.a. USJ
How exciting!

Oh!!! Side effect of getting excited like kid?
Lost the balance while running around...
Fell down like a kid bend forward during physical education class!
Glad that no hurt on knees.
But...the finger.... 

How to treat a wound probably?
The original method no doubt is to cleanse the wound thoroughly and bind it up carefully.
But you know 
we are not kids anymore, and it is hard on some cases while happened outside!
so we use this !!!

Remember last time it was mom doing for me 

are you alright?
are you sure you can do it?

Oh!!!! No!!
I miss how my mom did it for us!!!
But we can expect nothing during emergency.

Oh!!! thanks, god!!
not a bandage?
it is a stretched ointment?
Does it work?

Looks like a liquid bandage

It is easy to stick on and pull off from skin.

Just grab the solidified liquid plaster and then pull it off

Wow!! What a magic bandage for wound !!
It is called Ekivan A Liquid Plaster

Yeah!! No worry any more!!
What a fantastic place to see the heroes from Hollywood's movies!
Thanks! Ekivan A Liquid Plaster
for bring us back to childhood. 
Don't you think it is nice souvenir in your Japan travel?
Available in all drugs stores and Don Quixote!
 Price: 520 yen  10 g (above picture)
Of course price depends on different stores!

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  1. So convenient not messy and keeps the wound really clean.