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# Culture ♪ Enjoy a Hot Springs Trip! A delicious Trip! Here at Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun !

# Culture ♪ Enjoy a Hot Springs Trip! A delicious Trip! Here at Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun!

It is our buddies' first trip to Hakone!!! 
What an exciting and longing trip to share!
Finally, we got to organize all the pictures and travel journals!
Let's take a look at our trip to Hakone Hot Springs.

There are many Hot Springs Facilities in Hakone. 
Since it is very close to and easy to Tokyo, 
relatively Hakone is a famous places for visitors to Tokyo suburb.
No doubt, everyone might have different thoughts and concerns about Hakone Trip!
Like hot springs facilities, hot springs ingredients, and transportation etc. 
From Tokyo to Hakone,
you can rent-a-car, take a limousine bus from airport. 
Of course, you can also take Odakyu Romance car and Tozan bus/ railway^^

Hakone is really an attractive place!
We got to find some freshness, so this time we decided to enjoy "Our Hot Springs" in Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun
Right opposite of the hotel, it is a facility of a hot springs theme park!

Okay! It is still not too late to recharge ourselves and get rid of all the unluckiness in 2014 to enjoy 2015.

Kowakien Yunessun

Ride the Odakyu Limited Express Romance Car from Odakyu Shinjuku 
There is "Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center"for foreign visitors. 
We could see many foreign visitors. 
No doubt, travel guide booklets in various languages are available.

Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center
Get your ticket to Hakone here!

Hakone Free Pass (Adult) 5,140 yen  (not free though lol)
For more info:

9:00 in the morning...
it is already crowded with foreign visitors. 

Limited Express Romance Car bound for Hakone from Shinjuku. 

Limited Express Romance Car
Trains have few design of models.

On the above picture, it is the model "VSE" with a oval-shaped roof. 
Besides, there are also "MSE" connected to Tokyo Metro, "EXE," and "LXE" etc. 

If you are a train lover, 
we recommend you to this nice seat in Romance Car^^

For more info about Limited Express Romance Car:

It is just like staying at home. 

Enjoy the lunch box and snack box on the train^^

Limited Express Romance Car VSE Lunch box (Left/ white) 1,030 yen
Limited Express Romance Car MSE Snack Box (Right/ blue) 1,000 yen

The lunch box not only cute but also delicious. 
The box can also bring back home as souvenir^^

Just 1 hour! 
Our destination is Hakone Yumoto Station. 

How to get to Kowakien Yunnesun
Route ①
Take Limited Express Romance Car to Hakone Yumoto 
From Hakone Yumoto Station, take the Tozan Railway
and get off at Kowakidani Station
From Kowakidani Station take bus for only 3 mins

 Route ②
Take the bus from Hakone Yumoto Station
and get off at the station in front of Yunnesun

Not only in Japan,
but also in Switzerland also have Tozan (Mountain) Railway!

Always wondering how the train moving forward? or upward?
Incredible ride ^^

If you ride in the front or rear car, you can get a good view of the difference in elevation between the flat switchbacks.
It is a "Z-shaped" rail track for train to switch direction. 
You might here the announcement before the switch back.
It is a precious experience; that is why many people chose this way to go up to the hill.

Here we come to the "Kowakidani Station."

In front of the Kowakidani Station, 
no special symbols...
but don't worry!
You might take Tozan (Mountain) bus about 5 minutes (3 stops) /  walk 15 minutes 

It is the bus stop right in front of the grocery store. 
What a fun experience!

Don't forget your "Hakone Free Pass " (not free though)
Trains, cable cars, ropeways, boats, and major bus lines can be used within the free area!
Convenient! Highly recommended!! 

Okay!!! We have arrived to Yunessun, the theme park of hot springs.

Don't forget to have your mobile connecting to Wi-fi.

Souvenir corner inside Kowakien Yunessun
Any hot springs-related, Kowakien Yunnesun-related items can be found here!
Especially all the original bath powder are available!

What kind of bath do we wanna challenge?

Bath powder of green tea, coffee and wine
Or you want some more stimulated ones such as chili, ramen, and curry.
Pretty interesting huh!!
All are originally from Kowakien Yunessun^^

Enjoy Yunnseun's original hot springs again at home!!!

Hako Neko (Cat in the box) Boxappy
Main Character of Kowakien Yunessun"

Highly recommended "butter pie."
Wanna have a bite?

Can't control of not buying...

Any popular products in Hakone!
Kamaboko is a cured, processed seafood product of Japan, known as surimi.
It tastes like a mochi (rice cake).
Smooth and tasty.

After shopping,  let's go to hot springs!
Let's us show you the "theme park" here in Kowakien Yunnesun!

♥♥♥ Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN Admission Fee♥♥♥

YUNESSUN (swimsuit area) 
Adults 2,900 yen / Kids 1,600 yen 

Mori no Yu (General outdoor hot springs area) 
Adults 1,900 yen / Kids 1,200 yen

Set ticket (YUNNESSUN + Mori no Yu) 
Adults  4,100 yen / Kids 2,100 yen 

One of the three popular hot springs in Kowakien Yunessun 
An attractive red wine hot springs. 

Oh!! The real red wine!!!

It has been proved that red wine can help recovery from fatigue and smoothing  your skin!
And used for therapy on dermatology. 

Wow!!! how excited!!!

Can't help of not tasting the wine...

You would never find disappointment of this one of the three popular hot springs in Yunessun.

Okay!!! Let's continue the ranking!!
The 2nd one of the three popular hot springs is Chocolate Hot Springs. 

It is time for more chocolate!

Ho luxury to soak in a chocolate bath!!
Wanna have a sip too!

Better effect to pour on the body instead of eating it.
Good for skins!

A happy moment!
 Let's experience the most famous hot springs here in Yunessun.

A water-slide on hot springs
It is named "Rodeo Mountain."

Although it is said a hot springs, it is as much fun as a water park! 

What do you think?
Wanna come and have a slide too?

By the way, 
it is a hot springs!
You can wear s swimsuit and play like in a water park!

Mori no yu
Adults 1,900 yen/ Kids 1,200 yen

Mori no Yu 
A open-air hot spring!
The bath tab is called "Shigaraki ware, " 
pottery and stoneware made in Shigaraki area. The kiln is one of "The Six Old Kilns" in Japan.  
Can you feel the extraordinary charm.

Also, we can't miss the hot springs made by cypress. 
Let's feel the warmth of natural wood. 

Special campaign "Rose Bath" is available. 
It is an open-air bath. 
Limited until 2/28

After soaking a rose bath like princess,
get to the opposite side of Yunessun,
Hakone Hotel Kowakien, where we spend a night here!

A New Japanese-modern style room with a wide window!

No exaggeration! A room can see the garden view.
It is just like a screen of a large landscape.

Just sit next to the window, free the peace, get our soul calm

Find peaceful from the scenery and now start felling hungry!
My clock tells us that it is time for dinner!!

A set goes with reservation of room. 
You can either choose Sugiyaki or shabu shabu!

We want meat!
Can you feel the freshness from the picture? 
Oh!! The wagyu!!! 

Rich and juicy beef.... 
can't express in words...

Feel calm and happy.

Dip a big piece of beef in fresh egg.
How delicious!

Shabu Shabu
How colorful is a meal!

Let's try the real taste of beef! 
The premium way of enjoyment!

Meat is disappearing...
where to go... 
our stomach...

welled equipped facilities include nursing room and free Wi-fi.

It is a facility good for family!
Supporting all the moms! 

It is hard for us to live without Wi-fi in this modern society. 
Having the free Wi-fi Access, we can move around freely within the hotel.

It is a new room reopen in December. 
A Modern -Japanese style room with open-air hot springs. 

It is a twin room!!
Can you see the open-air hot springs outside? ^^

What do you think about the color tone of the room?
It is a modern Japanese style, making us to feel like staying at home. 

Can you feel the warmth of sunshine reflecting from the wooden chairs and tables?

The origin of hot springs is the right near Mount. Fuji. 
It is highly recommended to family, couples and friends. 

We enjoyed our Hakone trip in Kowakien Yunessun and Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun.
What a perfect facilities to enjoy the whole day. 
Although we just stayed for a night, 
wish we can stay longer and bring our parents to enjoy too.

There are still many kinds of hot springs in Yunessun.
Find a chance to experience it!

We are happy to share with all of you our travel experience, 
keep track with us and hope our articles can give you tips on Japan travel!

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun


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