Monday, February 2, 2015

#Shopping ♪ Fast Fashion in Tokyo! JEANS MATE -Specialty on JEANS -

#Shopping ♪ Fast Fashion in Tokyo!  JEANS MATE -Specialty on JEANS -

Do you like jeans? 
Maybe sometimes people might say,
"I don't like it! I don't like wearing jeans ever."
By the way, 
"JEANS"  has become a word representing "younger. "
And now  "Jeans" has also become one of the favorite casual clothing for all ages.
There are stops in Tokyo like Harajuku and Shibuya.
This time, we would like to visit the 24-hour open store in Ikebukuro.

On the main street of Ikebukuro.
It is just located on the road right next to Sunshine City.

Messenger bags and backpacks are the main line-up of casual wear items!

Using Brad Pitt for promotion 
No doubt it is one of his favorite brands!

My grandpa also likes his brand!
A forever loving brand of JEANS "LEVI'S"

Hats, wool hats, hunting caps
A variety of choice!

A plenty of choice of belt!
How to choose!!

Chinos Pants+ denim jacket+ cap
What a perfect classic combination!

Oh!!! Have seen this logo before!! 

Japanese like this kind of plaid style!! ^^

Colored jeans!
Easy to do mix and match.

Wine -red colored jeans are no doubt for a variety of fashion.

More classic more valuable! 
From skinny jeans to wide leg jeans
shorts, bell bottom jeans.... all refresh our memory of different part of life!
All can be found here!!
A classic blue jeans after washing time after time,
is well-mated with a new denim jacket! 
What a stylish and fresh styling!
Come here to JEANS MATE!!
Find your our combination of denim, 
jeans, and jacket etc. 
Of course a variety of casual fashion and apparel is available!
A spacious store, open 24-hour!
No problem even you wear pajamas to go shopping!
JEANS MATE  store can be found a variety of denim!

For more options other than Jeans? Click below!