Tuesday, February 3, 2015

# Shopping ♪ Evangelion Appears in Shibuya!!!! A new Try of Yohji Yamamoto!!! Collaboration with Ground Y

# Shopping ♪ Evangelion Appears in Shibuya !!! A new Try of Yohji Yamamoto!!! Collaboration with Ground  Y

Fusion of Shibuya Culture and UNISEX concepts of "Ground Y"


A shocking revolution of animation "Evangelion"

Let's crush it in Shibuya Parco!!

Recognized as  the style of "Anti-fashion,"  "Post Modernism," and "the Anesthetic of Black"   
by one of the Japan's leading designers, Yohji Yamamoto.

His trademark is also black color.
Over-sized  and loose-fitting silhouette

His trademark and the same color: Black
Over-sized and baggy silhouette
Beauty of being incomplete and asymmetric
His designs are either getting popular or being strongly-criticized !
And it has now become a well-known brand worldwide.  

So far, from the main lines of  'Yohji Yamamoto,' 
'Y's', 'LIMI feu', 'Y-3' and  etc, various brands have been created. 
And now a new one "Ground Y" is being launched!

What is the most significance is the main concept of the brand is Shibuya culture and UNISEX concept. 
At the same time, he has tried out a new attempt. 
Comparing the collaboration with Japanese animation (Kamen Rider, Ultraman and etc.) he has been doing until now, 
this time he is working with the "Post-modernism"animation called "Evangelion." 

On January 23, Ground Y marked its starting line at Shibuya PARCO the first time. 
Although it is the first time of their collaboration, we are so excited about it and can't help ourselves of not come to make a visit!  

[Ground Y] Shop INFO.
Shop Location: Shibuya PARCO Part1 1F
Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00
Phone: 03-6455-3621

Ground Y Official Facebook

Symbol of Yohji Yamamoto:
Illustration of Evangelion with a strong impact of black color
 No boundary of gender, fusion of chic and street fashion!
That is the concept of Ground Y.

Panoramic view of Shibuya PARCO
A fashion building in the corner of Shibuya. 

 A media wall called "P-WALL" is set at the entrance of the PARCO PART 1.
Here, you can also see the collaboration of Evangelion and "Ground Y" has been informed. 

The main aircraft of Evangelion is exhibited along with the Ground Y's  shirt on the 1st floor.

How interesting is the way of announcement!!!! Can't imagine how impressive will be to the Evangelion-lovers.

Going up to the 4th floor! 
Again, you will definitely be impressed!!!
The real size figures of Rei and Asuka are welcoming us!

Let's calm down first and return to the shop on the first floor.
The most appropriate color to bring out the black color is no doubt the color of "White."
How refreshing!

The basic color of Yohji Yamamoto is black.

Casual but avant-garde items are lined up here!!
How stylish and specific of each item.

Wow!!! Unprecedented combination!
Jackets, shirts, and pants are printed with Evangelion's characters, to attract most of our eyes. 

Wow!!! A large print of Asuka on the back to the jacket. 
How amazing of the Yohji Yamamoto's delicate sense to present the achromatic color coordination.

In first glance, you might think it is a very simple printed shirt, but can you really see the exquisite shades of the gray color?

No matter you are girls or boys 
Pants with print of "Prototype" are easy to wear. 
The harmony of the color tone and pattern is very beautiful!
Can you see the synergy of each other? 
What a nice collaboration!

Place Rei on the chest ^^

Print of Rei and Ausuka at the back! 

These sneakers are so cute!! 
Want a pair for ourselves! 
A cool pair. 

 A handsome staff is just too nice to come by side doing the products description. 

Sneakers embroidered with the logo of Evangelion's headquarter "NERV."
Oh!! It is hard to make a choice! lol

Cap of the collaboration of Y's and NEW ERA. 
You might always see this kind of style on the street of Shibuya. 

Accessories are simple and good for unisex!

Can you feel its sense even in an invisible place?

Cut & Sawn
Items that represent the Minimalism of Yohji Yamamoto 

In Shibuya PARCO PART 1 
besides Ground Y... 
there are 

"Y's" on the ladies zone of 4F 

"LIMI feu" 
brand produced by "KIMI YAMAMOTO,"
daughter of Yohji Yamamoto

Ground Y
New Challenge of Yohji Yamamoto 

Shibuya culture blended in Street Fashion and UNISEX style 
Here, even though "black" is the most achromatic color but has the most versatile tone. 

And a collaboration with "Evangelion, " which both have the common concept of Post-Modernism. 

To the ones who like Evangelion,
it is definitely a collaboration ever had seen before.
Even if you are not interested in animation,
you will absolutely be attracted by the harmony of the style and fashion sense of Ground Y.

Pretty looking forward to the next collaboration!

Ground Y
A new brand of Yohji Yamamoto presents an aggressive everyday to us!

[Ground Y] Shop INFO.
Shop Location: Shibuya PARCO Part1 1F
Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00
Phone: 03-6455-3621

Ground Y Official Facebook