Wednesday, February 4, 2015

# Shopping ♪ Let's Pick a Gift at Department Store Mitsukoshi Nihombashi with over a Hundred Year of History!

# Shopping ♪ Let's Pick a Gift at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Department Store with over a Hundred Year of History!

All roads in Japan began at the "Nihombashi."
From the Edo Period to the present, it has still kept creating the history of Tokyo!
A department store has a hundred years of elegant history, representing Japan is located here! 

That is...
Department Store Mitsukoshi Nihombashi.  

In 1673, the Edo period, former of Mitsukoshi, "Echigoya" opened.
In 1914, "Mitsukoshi Nihombashi"opened, the first department store in Japan.
a department store representing Japan,
has become one of the symbol of Nihombashi.

Today, we are gonna visit this department store, which provides a variety of products and services, also the only Japanese hospitality here.
  Let us select a gift for our significant person in this Mitsukoshi Nihombashi, the department store allowing guests to feel "this is Japan."

The starting point of road in Japan

You can still see some corners of the area are well-preserved in modern Japan.
What a worth place to take a visit!

Standing up straight in the middle of the road of Nihombashi.
Can you see the classical architecture in golden yellow color?

This is the building combining the new store and main store of 
"Mitsukoshi Nihombashi."  

The overview of the whole building
The concept of Isetan Mitsukoshi Department Store in 2015 is "This is Japan."
Wow! This slogan sounds nice!
Indeed the department store representing Japan.

(※Mitsukoshi and Iseten are department stores belonging to the same corporation group)

A retro style entrance of the main store
To many of the Japanese people,  statues of two lions lying on both sides of the entrance have become the waiting place for dating. 

After entering the main store 1F, 
we have already attracted by the exquisite and sophisticated atmosphere.
This is very difficult to experience the same feeling in nowadays department stores in Japan.

Oh! Our purpose today is to select a gift for our significant one!
In the best and historical department store, no doubt we got to select a unique one here representing Japan. 

An unique accessory brand "CHISEL"

There are the accessories created by two Japanese traditional craftsmen.
Combine the Japanese and western antiques, and mixed with the modern colors .

Indeed, well presentation of the unique and advanced handicraft skills.

Leather bags in extraordinary texture...
It is the new products of Japanese craftsmen brand "CYPRIS" which use handmade leather.

The collection of business bags are made up of the "hand-rubbed and lacquered black"leather, 
which is used in the armor of Japanese warlords in the Sengoku Period.

It looks hard and seems very rough, but we touch it, it unexpectedly soft.
Really wondering how it has made....
You might definitely be surprised of the high quality of perfection. 

Dignity of gentlemen.
Even selecting an umbrella, sense is very important! 
Wow!!! These are the "dandy" umbrella of "Borsalino" under the popular brand of Fedora.


Men's Floor on the 2F
It is a place for dandy gentlemen, who are mostly cool and handsome enough to look again even you pass by on the street.
Items here are all selected carefully to suit every "dandy gentlemen" to visit.

Today's purpose is....
to select a tie for the significant one to feel happy when receiving the gift. 

Selecting a tie as a gift is really a challenge of our sense.
As we have heard that we can get some professional advice here, 
that is why we are here today.
Okay! Let's take a look!

Tie using Japan's leading textile with the motif of a pattern of "Nishijin."

Wool ties that give an impression of leisure and casual style. 

Pattern of sheep is lovely enough to marks the year of 2015.

Ties featuring dynamic Kabuki patterns!
Various colors, patterns and textiles are used!

"What do you think of this?"

"Not too fancy?  Looks good for me?"

When we are having difficulties to choose,
professional staff comes to us kindly! 

Wow!!! Look at her name tag!!!
Color Analyst!

A free service of give us recommendation of choosing a tie
by analyzing the color of skin and facial impression.
 Cool service!! Awesome! Professional!

"Okay!!! Let's find the color that perfectly suits you." ^^

Four color charts of different groups of color trends. 
In the conversation, let see which group you feel the most favorite.

Okay!! Let's start the color diagnosis to see what color, pattern and textile of tie is well-matched with your skin color. 

Blue represents an intellectual impression. 

Yellow....what do you think....

Okay! Let's see the result from the analysis.

Wow!! ties for me!!!

Thanks for the efficiency! If only two of us, 
we are afraid how many hours we would take for choosing it.

Look at his expression! How satisfied! 
Again, it is not a simple task to choose a tie for gift.

Awesome department stores, which has a rich assortment of items, can be found everywhere in Tokyo. 
That is the worth value of the group of "Mitsukoshi."
Having over 100 years of history, experience a variety and changes of needs and trends among all the customers. 
Little by little, corner of corner, you can feel the luxury from the entrance. 

 Recently, online shopping is getting popular, 
so the chance directly speaking with staffs is getting lesser.
Come to the historical department store, 
feel and experience the kindly Japanese hospitality, 
again, let's enjoy the shopping then!

Shopping in Tokyo
of course, satisfaction of products is important.
So does the shopping process.
We highly recommend the happy moment in Mitsukoshi Nihombashi


Open Hour 10am-7pm 

Tokyo Metro
-Ginza Line/ Hanzomon Line  "Mitsukoshi" Station, 1-min walk
-Tozai Line "Nihombashi" Station, Exit B12, 5-min walk
Toei Subway
-Asakusa Line "Nihombashi" Station, 5-min walk
 -Shin-nihombashi Station  7-min walk
-Tokyo Station (Nihombashi Exit) 10-min walk
※Free Shuttle bus is available from Tokyo Station (Metrolink Nihonbashi)

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