Monday, January 19, 2015

# Medicine ♪ No worry of overeating and drinking! "Powerful Gutto A tablet" to Prevent a Hangover

# Medicine ♪ No worry of overeating and drinking!  "Powerful Gutto A tablet" to Prevent a Hangover

Our good partners during year-end and new year!!!

In Japan, definitely there are a lot of annual parties during year-end and new year.
No doubt you will have more chance to overeating and drinking alcohol, 
then you might be worried about weakening your liver and getting alcohol intoxication. 

Hangover, is a problem overwhelming many people everywhere over the world.
Maybe at first, you first you did not pretend to drink much.
Just one or two drink with friends and colleagues. 
you are influenced by the exciting atmosphere
then, start drinking unconsciously. 

most of the people will experience hangover the next day. 
The phenomenon of feeling dizzy, headache and hazy sight.

Not only during year-end and new year, 
but also busy period for your fatigue.

we would like to introduce you this 
"Powerful Gutto A Tablet for strengthening liver, detoxification"
We had these with us during the annual party in 2014. 

What a memorial 2 nights 1 day trip with our colleagues. 
Each other is too busy with their work always, 
there is lack of time for communication. 
So it was a big chance to get along well and spend an exciting time together!

We are recommended by our Japanese friends  of this!
"Powerful Gutto A Tablet for strengthening liver, detoxification"
We heard that it is good to prevent a hangover; 
therefore, we would like to give it a try. 


We were heading to the beautiful hot spring resort "Izu Hot Springs" along the Pacific Ocean!

Okay!!! Let's take a look of "Gutto A" while riding a tour bus. 

Yellow sugar-coated tablets, just seem like chocolate beans.
Wondering if it is really effective.
Okay! Let's share with our colleagues. 

Looks like candy lol
"No problem, right?"

The tablets look easy to swallow so less resistance to it though . 

Not only prevent a hangover, 
it is for good skin as the prescription stated. 

Okay!! Everyone started to drink on the bus!!!
Anyways, the annual party got started while the bus got running lol
(Notice, it is very danger to get drunken on the bus. Remember to control yourself well.)

Not a bad thing to strengthen friendship between colleagues ^^

Oh!!! It is Lunch hour. 
Let's enjoy a Seafood bowl rice at the restaurant on the seashore of Izu bench. 

Take the medicine after meal 

5 tablets for once 

Next, Let's bowling!
What a healthy and entertaining sport favored by many Japanese people. 
How exciting!

Take some rest right after exercise!

Oh!!! Everyone started showing their interest to "Gutto A"!

By the way, what is this???

It is a safety medicine for good health, especially for preventing a hangover. 

Are you ready?

for happiness!!!

Changing Yukata of Ryokan 
"Cheers" again during the dinner table.
Cheers for happiness again!

We trust in "Gutto A"

After dinner, it is Karaoke Time! 
Climax of  our year-end trip. 

One glass

Two glass

Three glass!

Remember self-control!!!
Don't drink too much!!!

Drink, eat, sing, dance!!! 
Cheers for our hard work and accomplishment for the past one year!
But don't forget "Gutto A" too.

Come on! Wishing nothing special in the morning tomorrow. Thanks for staying with us!!!
"Gutto A"  


Break of dawn 
the melody from the night before is still echoing in my ears. 

Oh!! it is a brand new day then!

Smile to welcome a new year!
Generally, on the following day, most of the people would feel dizzy.
Quietly listening to the music, and falling asleep on the bus. 

But this time, 
never feel sleepy and fatigue on the following day. 
No effect on our appetite. 

The night before, we still wondered if the medicine is effective.
Now, we could prove that it was very effective and efficient during the annual trip this year. 
No hangover, as well as 
some of the lady colleagues said they found their skin getting smoothly.  lol

Thanks for our Japanese friends introducing us "Grutto A"
You can buy it online within Japan.

You can have a look at our review and the info on the official website. 
Notice that we could not find it at the drugs store in Japan. 
※But you might find it at Don Quixote.

Let's have  "Gutto A" with us in the new year. 
Have a healthy body to enjoy the excitement. 

We are glad to share with you our experience and happy time in the year-end. 


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