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# Culture ♪ Unique Hot Springs, Kimono, Maccha (Green Tea), Buckwheat Soba, Enjoy Japanese Culture at Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun

# Culture ♪ Unique Hot Springs, Kimono, Maccha (Green Tea), Buckwheat Soba, Enjoy Japanese Culture at Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun 

Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN is so-called a theme park of hot springs as well as "enjoying the Japanese culture" 
After experiencing hot springs of Japanese sake, green tea, and yakult,
don't you want to visit and experience Hakone too?
Last time, we have introduced you "Mori no Yu, " don't you remember?
Just right in front of the building, 
there is an architecture full of Japanese traditional feature.
That is the tea house of Hakone Hotel Kowakien YUNESSUN called Chinzanso.
The biggest charm here is the traditional Japanese soba noodles. 
Put on Japanese Kimono, 
experience the Japanese ta ceremony , taste the real green tea. (macha)
Then, go to hot springs again. 
Hakone Hotel Kowakien YUNESSUN

The most important thing is to enjoy the hot springs time privately 

Next to the "Hot Springs Theme Park," it is a tranquil Japanese garden and traditional designed building "Chinzanso."  

A printed screen of the nature ^^
river fall with greenery shade .. a small and delicate Japanese Garden 

Use the clear and pure water to make the best soba noodle ever!

What is the best partner of soba noodles?
No doubt it is tempura and wasabi^^
If you wanna try the fresh wasabi, 
it is stated specifically on the menu. 
(Cold buckwheat soba, 大文字膳 omoji-sen set , 山百合膳 yama-yuli-sen set)

For more info about menu of "Chinzanso"

After having tasty soba, let's experience putting on Japanese Kimono.
We thought it takes time and many steps to put on a Kimono,
but here you may experience an improved design of Kimono here. 
Put on separately, upper and lower parts  
Wow!!! Transformed into a Japanese girl^^

Warm color tone Kimono.
Looks good? ^^

While we are putting on the Kimono, they have already prepared us Japanese sweet and green tea (Macha)

Sincerely appreciate the preparation of everything
Use bowl hands to taste it with heart and soul.

What a perfect match of Kimono and macha ^^

How nice is the weather! 
Let's go around the shrine^^
Let's write down something!
Make a wish!
Dream comes true.....
we wish^^

Look at this!!
We have prepared a tiny ema(a small wooden plaque) ~
Wish everyone who comes to Japan has a happy year!
Not only the Hot Springs theme park "YUNESSUN,"
besides all the interesting featuring hot springs,
 let's experience the Japanese culture. 
Although this is not our first time to Hakone, 
we find something new and fun every time.
We highly recommend here!
It is a good choice to put into your Tokyo Trip.
Here Hakone Hotel Kowakien YUNESSUN

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