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#Shopping ♪ Tokyo Fashion Front line~ Laforet HARAJUKU ~ LATE GRAND BAZAR in January

#Shopping ♪ Tokyo Fashion Front line~ Laforet HARAJUKU  ~ LATE GRAND BAZAR in January 

Wanna have a trendy fashion? Updated fashion? Japanese style fashion? '
Then, you’d better go to check out here at Laforet in Harajuku.

Always wondering why people can have all these fashionable style and stylish mix and match?
Where do they go shopping?

In the past, we have been posting some articles about stylish fashion in Japan.
This time, we gotta show you the base camp of stylish fashion here in Tokyo!
Yes! The origin of today’s latest fashion.

Here we are! Laforet Harajuku!

If you are a fan of manga (comic books),
You might have heard of this place. While comic writers describe Harajuku,
Laforet Harajuku would appear at the same time.
Yes! It is the cylindrical building on the corner of the intersection of Harajuku and Omotesando.

Not only Tokyo, but also distinctive fashion trends of the whole Japan!

Here we wanna say there will be a special bargain!
A late start of bargain sale among many of the shopping facilities in Japan.
It is  “LAFORET GRAND BAZAR” held in late January.

In 5 days, you might find discount up to 90%!
Just enjoy the exciting shopping hours here in this unique atmosphere in Harajuku, to experience the sale event in this GRAND BAZAR!
Every year, a lot of people from overseas come over to enjoy their “Shopping Tour.”

How does it look like?
Let's take a look at it!

In 2015
Of course you don’t wanna miss the GRAND BAZAR this year.
It is a 5 days event from January 22nd (Thursday) to 26th (Monday).

On the first day, it is open at 9am and until 9pm every day.

Nothing really different from the sale event of other shopping malls and shopping centers.
Just check it out!

First, every morning at the entrance, you can get the “Morning Ticket.
Also, every day around 5:00 in the evening, there’re a lot of special “Timely Sale” held.
Special “Timely Sale” of this year are…
22nd Set Sale
23rd Sample Sale
24th One Price for Everything / RecomMEN’S
25th Overall Discount

Wow!!! Also, on the weekend, 24th and 25th
Timely sale at 3pm is held.
24th After Sale
25th Timely Sale

In addition,
SNS Discount is a 10 % discount available after 7pm, if Retweet the tweet, which is written"SNS"on Laforet’s twitter and show it to the special counter to get a discount ticket. 

Last but not least! You don’t wanna miss out this
“Explosive Timely Sale” on the last day (Sunday at 3 pm)

We gotta hang out with friends around the area of Laforet the whole day during the period to get ready to every other special timely sale.

Someone might have already waiting for this GRAND BAZAR!
First, let’s check out some shops in Laforet Harajuku in order to enjoy the GRAND BAZAR to the fullest!
We would like to recommend you our favorite brands.
Check them out!

Laforet HARAJUKU (English Homepage)

LAFORET GRAN BAZAR (Japanese Homepage)

※ 2015/1/1 ~ 1/26 presenting PASSPORT to have 10% OFF  (Designated shops)
  @ Laforet Harajuku 
(Notice: Discount cannot be used with other coupons. Targeted items only. )

▲Overview of Laforet HARAJUKU.
You might have seen it in the manga.

▲One of the characteristics of Laforet Harajuku is from basement 1F to 5F,
0.5 floor can be found between every other 1 floor.
It is like this  B1F-B0.5F-1F-1.5F-2F-2.5F-3F-3.5F-4F-4.5F...
Then, starting from 5F, it is getting back to normal like this 5F- 6F.
In a building with 12 layers of floor, there are over 120 shops and cafes, and museum on the 6F.
How unique and special.

★Jane Marple (2F)

At the first glance, we find it is a brand full of fantasy and freedom of thoughts. 
Actually, Jane Marple is a brand characterized by ancient European royalty and fairy tales.
You can see their outfit are filled with all the unique printings and patterns.

You might have a little worry of trying this kind of fashion at first. By the way, when you try on it, you might get to like it! It is not bad to have a set of it in the closet. 

▲Sophisticated pattern. High quality.
One piece dress 42,800yen +tax
Shoes 46,800yen + tax
Hat  21,800yen + tax

★Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE (1F)

Originally, a bakery, which is popular of its French sweet Macaroon in France.
And now it has been creating its cosmetic products as a world brand called
Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE
We can now find its shop in Laforet HARAJUKU

It is a small shop at the corner near the stairs decorated with pastel colors. It is cheek color is popular among young ladies!

The cheek color of Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE is powder on every piece of “petal.”
They are just look like the rose petals!
What a fresh and creative ideas^^

Refill 7,000yen + tax
POT 3,000yen + tax

▲Besides face color, Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE also produces other cosmetic products under the concept of “Rose,” a wide range of color variation are available for everyone.

GLOSSY ROUGE 2,500yen + tax
MATTE ROUGE 2,500yen + tax
TINTED LIP BALM 2,500yen+ tax

▲ Wanna know the secret of LADURÉE? Just come to the shop in Laforet HARAJUKU to check them all out about this little pot filled with rose petals of face color

★GR8 (2.5F)

It is written as “GR8” and is read “Great”^^
At the entrance, you might find the impact of the shop with various brands of some “EXCLUSIVE” items.
Let’s take a look of a variation of fashion style in Harajuku!
The staffs are so excited to gather some popular items to make a coordination of “Harajuku Fashion” for us!
Here you are!
A boyish style for young lady!

▲ Wow!! Feel the energy at the entrance!
Looking forward to meet the special “Harajuku Fashion”

▲ Crossover of two brands:
iPhone 6 case of
Street Fashion ~ PHENOMENON and popular brand of accessory ~ NaNa-NaNa

▲ What a punk feel of hat/ cap!


▲ Is it McDonald’s?
No…. it is the bag from Moschino! What an interesting and special brand with strong taste! 

▲ You will find the sense of unity of items in GR8!  Okay! Are you ready for a “HARAJUKU LOOK”?

▲Hey! Let’s walk down to the Takeshita-dori Street! ^^

Cap 35,000yen +tax
Sweater 81,000yen +tax
Pants 233,000yen +tax
LED Sneakers 89,000yen +tax


Gathering items from several popular brands like Snidel and Gelato pique.
Like its name, it was started from its online store at first and now
you can find its real boutique shop here at Laforet HARAJUKU.

It is not only popular among Japanese people but also people from overseas, especially young ladies from Korea are likely to visit.


▲ This is the whole view of the shop. Can you see the logo of the store? It is a cute bunny and when you look at it carefully, its eye is the image of skull character.
How creative to have this character welcoming us!

▲ Some hot items of this popular brand “Snidel”

Just have a coordination of Harajuku Style
Here you are all the mix and match items!

Shoes 12,200 yen +tax
Bag 10,400 yen+tax
iPhone case 4,200 yen +tax
Scarf 7,400 yen +tax
Earrings 5,600 yen +tax
Glasses 2,800 yen+tax

▲iPhone case with pearl chain
It is just like a wallet while wearing it on the neck.  How stylish!

▲A flexible and soft texture of room wear “Gelato Pique”
The pastel pink and purple colors no doubt gain its popularity.

Headband 2,000 yen +tax
Zipped sweater with hood 6,600 yen +tax
Shorts 4,200 yen+tax

★Kiwaseisakujo beads labo+cafe 3F

A variety of materials such as metals, pearls, Swarovski crystals can be directly purchased here!
You can experience DIY making to create your own original accessories.
Also, the “beads labo + cafe” is available for you to enjoy your time relaxingly.
Having a drink while making your own accessory with well-equipped tools. 

▲ A bright and spacious store! Let’s take a look at it to see what kind of materials you wanna check out today.

▲Kyoto brand “AVRIL”
Colorful threads
It is sold in set for DIY accessory making.
It is no doubt a good choice for souvenirs.

▲Speaking of crystal, here you are
Wow!! What a surprise to know the number of materials for DIY accessory making.

▲ All are SWAROVSKI ^^

▲ The latest trend right now!
It is pearl! What is special?
Inside the pearl, it is cotton.
Therefore, it is called “Cotton Pearl.”

▲ Apparently, it is just like a real pearl!
There are a lot of size.

▲ Hey! Why don’t we make a “My Original”?

▲ These cotton pearls… how cute and lightweight.

▲It is a corner of souvenir for oversea visitors.

It is inexpensive, colorful and full of Harajuku’s originality.
It is good for gift for friends.

★mercibeaucoup, (2F)

It means “Thank you very much” in French
It is a youthful brand of energy, calmness, and cuteness.
Simply, a brand full of Harajuku’s color.

▲ A big and colorful watch! Isn’t it cute?
We are attracted to get into this store by this new watch!
Toy watch 8,000 yen + tax

▲ Entrance of this street style boutique

▲ You will find unique points everywhere.
Look at the backpack!
Simply having its brand logo can still bring the ordinary.
Tiger-rabbit-styled Scarf 9,500 yen+tax

▲ How nice and colorful is the layout of the shop!

▲ Wow!! Featured fitting room with “Harajuku’s crepe” wallpaper.

▲ Let check my whole coordination of mercibeaucoup, ^^

One piece Wool Jersey 16,000 yen +tax
Jeans Crossover with Lee 17,000 yen +tax
Loafers San Shoes 19,000 yen +tax
Tiger-rabbit-styled Scarf 9,500 yen +tax

★  (5F)
It is a brand popular among young ladies on SNS.
There are only few stores in all over Japan. 
It is a brand of cute young adult style!

▲ Top 4,900 yen + tax
Skirt 6,900 yen + tax
※ 2015/1/1 ~ 1/26 presenting PASSPORT to have 10% OFF 
(evelyn is one of the designated shops)

Base camp of Harajuku fashion and culture! Here you are Laforet HARAJUKU
Wanna take a visit?

Today we have just introduced you a few of shops here.
From B1 F to 5F, every other 0.5 floor,
you definitely will find shops full of originality.
A diversity of Harajuku fashion and culture.

You definitely can’t find any other place with a wide range of variety of fashion!
Come here to experience the culture of Harajuku
A place of the originality of fashion in Tokyo as well as Japan!

Distinctive fashionable hot spot

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