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#Experience ♪ At Photo STUDIO NANAIRO in Asakusa, let's CHANGE & Make your Japan Travel more Colorful!

#Experience ♪ At Photo STUDIO NANAIRO in Asakusa, let's CHANGE & Make your Japan Travel more Colorful!


Photos taken in travel record all the moment! Create forever memory! 
What a grateful treasure to us!
Selfie taken with friends in tourist areas, 
beautiful landscape met in travel unexpectedly,
and funny moment, etc. 
A lot of memory to remember in travel!!!
All are record on photos!

In recent years, we find it is a trend to take some special photos in a professional studio!
"Transform" the ordinary self into new and different style. 
Sounds an interesting experience.

Today, we have came to Asakusa, one of the destinations of golden route of a travel trip!
Put on a gorgeous Kimono and wear a full make-up 
Let's enjoy a great experience being a model in a professional photo studio 
called Studio Nanairo.

Transforming into a Kimono Beauty in Asakusa
STUDIO Nanairo HP (Japanese)

Like this...

Or like this...

Let's go!!! ^^

STUDIO Nanaio is located in the front of the Kaminarimon in the center of Asakusa.

It is in an 8-story small building.

You can check the following map...

The building is located in the arcade street, which is on the right of Kaminarimon with a big red lantern, where is the entrance of Sensoji Temple. 

STUDIO Nanairo (Japanese)

It is next of the "GATE HOTEL ASAKUSA," where you may find an OZEKI supermarket on the 1st floor.

When you enter the building, you would first see instruction in English!
Since it is a well-known photo studio that can wear traditional Japanese costume,
it attracts many visitors from foreign countries. 

The colorful entrance and lobby is incredibly different from the general photo studio. 
We are so excited!

At the information counter on the 1F, 
let's have a look of items and accessories and try to imagine our vision look after transformation.

1F Counter
Here is the reception counter. 
Let's go to the waiting room on the 2F.

2F Waiting Room

You may decide your photo shooting plan here after talking with the advisers.

After taking photo, you can have a tea and take break here until the photo is ready!

Manager wearing a big smile is showing us some photo sample!
Okay! Let's choose our plan for today!

In STUDIO Nanairo, there are a lot of plans available. 
Japanese Kimono style or western style, 
also Kawaii style like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 

You would choose a variety of  Kimono and makeup from 
"STANDARD" and "PREMIUM" plans.

-Kimono Style-
Nanairo Hime (七色姫): STANDARD 18,000yen / PREMIUM: 26,000yen
Nanairo Komachi (七色小町):STANDARD 16,500yen / PREMIUM 25,000yen
Nanairo Oiran (七色花魁) :STANDARD 19,000yen / PREMIUM 25,500yen

-Western Style-
Nanairo ROMANTIC:16,500yen
Nanairo KAWAII19,000yen
Nanairo QUEEN (七色王妃) :25,500yen

-MEN Photo Shooting-
Kimono Stage(19,000yen)
Kimono Normal(9,000yen)
Nanairo Samurai 七色サムライ (14,000yen)
Nanairo Haori/Hakama 七色羽織/袴(12,000yen)
Nanairo Homme (25,500yen)

"Oh! This is nice!"
"I like this style."

Select a plan.
Fill out the information sheet (Name, address, and e-mail address, etc.)
Also, wearing/ not wearing contact lens, condition of skin before put on makeup...
(No worry! there are foreign-language-speaking staffs always! ) 

Get your set for transforming (gowns, socks, plastic bags, mineral water and etc.) 
Go up to the 3F.

Don't we like a movie star? ^^

Wow!! Let's choose one from a variety of colorful Kimono. 

All are beautiful and gorgeous.
We are just getting lost in front of the mirror. lol

A perfect hair style got to be matched with the costume. 
All the accessories and supplies for photo shooting are handmade by professional makeup staffs!

Come on! 
Let's start do the makeup!
A full makeup!!!
What a precious experience!

Two makeup artists are helping us!
Let's have a big "transformation"
A big change!

A soft and delicate touch...

Oh!! Getting more realistic... 

Just like another person...^^

The last step to finishing wearing a Kimono is...
choosing a "Kimono Obi" (Kimono Sash Belt), 
which definitely gives a significant impression. 

Okay!!! Let's get into a studio then!

Nice background, 
nice lighting,
and the model is ???

Who are you? lol

With the professional equipment and the busy movement of a PRO cameraman,
it makes the shooting atmosphere looks more fun^^

"Okay! Let's look at your 8:00 direction."
"Awesome! It is certainly great!! Keep the pose!"

Cameraman keeps giving advice and guidance kindly, so that we can present the best facial expressions smoothly. ^^

Wow!! this is the "Light room Tethering, " always seen in movies and dramas. 
Available to check the photo just taken at the same time in order to keep up the quality.

The assistant staffs are also caring about everything!
Making us feel like we are the professional models. 

Re-set the hair style 

Check our makeup.

Professional cameraman exerts their skills and all the technique....

Oh! Let's see our best shot from a numbers of thumbnail

If you find your favorite ones, you may also order an extra option.
(The photo will be mailed to you later) 

Let's have a tea at the waiting room on the 2F for about 20-30 minutes until the photos are printed.

[Additional Option]
Album making  (50,000yen)
Size expansion (1,500yen)
Calendar making (7,000yen)
Poster making (7,000yen)
CD-ROM Data of all photos.(12,000yen)

Photo taken in the studio might be opened publicly on Studio's Homepage or Facebook^^ 
(Of course after our agreement)
Can you imagine that we may become a star worldwide lol

We like most of them!!!! 
It is really hard to pick the best shot!

Doesn't it like a pose familiar to the scene in the movie Sakuran.

A nice expression huh!

A "Sexy" concept!

A beauty getting here by time machine?

That is the real "transformation" huh!!

After shooting, just go up to the 8F.
It is another world again!

Choosing a background.

Taking a pose in front of the green background.

Oh!!! Amazing!

It is the studio to take composite photos.

Have a special experience
Make a fascinating memory 
at STUDIO Nanairo!

You would definitely like to try once the tradition costume in the destination of the traveling country.
After wearing it, you definitely wanna take as many photos as you can. 
How attractive huh!!

Not just wearing Kimono
but a precious experience of taking some excellent quality of photos with a group of professional staffs!
It is not easy to be experienced until now, isn't it?

Now, having been experienced, 
it is definitely different from the photo we take by ourselves!
Photos taken by professionals are not only different on quality 
but also a nice timing of enjoyment, 
to form a perfect piece of a photo. 

"STUDIO Nanairo" in Asakusa

Open Hour: 10:00 - 19:00
(Reception is open until 17:00 every day)
Make a Reservation: 03-3843-7716

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