Friday, February 20, 2015

# Medicine ♪ Powerful Gutto A Tablet for strengthening liver, detoxification, preventing a hangover at party and trip and staying up all night!

# Medicine ♪  Powerful Gutto A Tablet for strengthening liver, detoxification, preventing a hangover at party and trip and staying up all night!

Life is fun everyday!
We are making full use of energy in our daily life, 
no doubt we might feel an accumulated fatigue at some points of time. 

A hangover is always accompanied with you when you drink with your friends and colleagues. 
However, each country has its own way to deal with a hangover. 

Eating butter in Greece.
Drinking onion soup in France. 
Brazil is well-known as a rich production of coffee; therefore, drinking coffee has became a habit to deal with hangover!

In addition, 
eating bacon sandwiches in Britain. 
Drinking chocolate milk in New Zealand. 
Eating balut (A boiled.egg of a developing duck embryo) in the Philippines.

Indeed, each country has its own habit and way to deal with the problem of hangover! 

*Drinking too much can harm your health*

Our Korean friends told me that they definitely would drink some hot soup to get rid of a hangover. 

In Japan, there is Ochazuke, which is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea and furikake such as sesame seeds. 

By the way...

The cause of fatigue, including the hangover, is that 
the liver, the source of the body's vitality, is getting weaker!

Not only for strengthening your liver,
but also, detoxification,  preventing a hangover, getting rid of fatigue.
Moreover, there is a positive effect to take care your rough skin from fatigue. 
Do you get it?
Actually, it is all written on the package. 

Working busily everyday
Won't you understand the trouble that most career woman might find is....
 dry and rough skin and excess fatigue

So that we prepare her the  Powerful Gutto A Tablet 

Indeed, the professional career woman!!

She is too concentrated to her work, 
so that she doesn't even have time to have a glance of the  Powerful Gutto A Tablet. 

Get a bottle on the hand...

Having five tablets with boiled water at once.
"Thanks for the hard work, my body and skin!"

Got to reward ourselves sometimes huh!!! 

We pick a good choice to enjoy our trip to Hakone! 

What an awesome springs!
The best gift to ourselves!

Next, enjoy a shabu-shabu time!

Of course, 
we won't miss the open-air hot springs in our room. 

Oh!! Definitely we can't help ourselves of not drinking in party and trip~

Remember we have bought along with me some Gutto A Tablet!
After taking a few tablets, we were able to staying up all night lol 

※It is recommended to take 3-5 tablets once with boiled water. 

We are ready to take a few tablets of Gutto A for strengthening our liver. 
How important!



*Drinking too much can harm your health*

Roppongi! Have a brilliant night!  

Let's get rid of all fatigue. 

*Drinking too much can harm your health* 

Wait!!! Won't you afraid of hangover the following day?
No worry! We have prepared the Powerful Gutto A Tablet!

We are energetic enough to enjoy ourselves and contribute to the work in full spirit. 

*Drinking too much can harm your health* 

Business woman staying up all night but still wearing a big smile!

Feel tired uneasily and take care our skin!

It is worth to have it with us!

"Powerful Gutto A Tablet"

Drinking too much is not good for health. 

But what if you take Powerful Gutto A Tablet beforehand, 

 *Drinking too much can harm your health!*

 *Drinking too much can harm your health!*

Friends, colleagues, and family, 
we love to spend our great time with them!
Sometimes we would like drinking together huh!

At that time, you 'd better thinking about your liver!

Glad that we know this!
 Powerful Gutto A Tablet for preventing a hangover, and getting rid of fatigue. 
It is a happy new to our liver!

As we known, you can find Gutto A at Don Quixote throughout Japan!
Besides, you may also find it on the internet, (
Try it and you will be surprised of its effect!

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