Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#Shopping ♪ A historical and honored Department Store in Ginza! We find the "NEW" Tokyo at Ginza Mitsukoshi

#Shopping ♪ A historical and honored Department Store in Ginza! We find the "NEW" Tokyo at Ginza Mitsukoshi

"Wanna shopping?? Let's go out to Ginza then!"
With such a shopping mood, get on a train,
let's head to the wonderful shopping paradise in Japan
to shop, eat and have fun!
Encounter any interesting things,
get into a department store and walk home with shopping bags on two hands.
Wow!!! a moment that makes us to feel lucky to live in Tokyo!

You know what a new season of spring fashion has been out earlier these days.
It makes us to forget the coldness of the winter while having all the springs' items around.
So that's why we have come to Ginza today!

Today, we have come to the landmark of Ginza. 
Here it is Mitsukoshi Ginza Department Store!
We found that an event has been held there called "DISCOVER! TOKYO"
Through this event, the organizers hope everyone who comes to Ginza not only for shopping,
but also again recognize the Japanese tradition, culture and aesthetic value from another new angles. 
Once again, discover the uniqueness of people and things around. 
A lot of items from designers has been gathering here too!


February 11, 2015 (Wed) - February 24 (Tue)

All floors in Ginza Mitsukoshi 

For more info about DISCOVER! TOKYO 

Seem nothing is changing everyday,
but Ginza is a city of most of the up-to-dated trend come across.
Ginza Mitsukoshi has continued to be the landmark of trend of Ginza. 

Multilingual guidance service is ready 
for all tourists who visit Ginza Mitsukoshi.

Multilingual floor guide is available and friendly for all visitors. 

Floor of the most trendy fashion 
"Le Playce."

Items of designers originally from Tokyo


we also discovered items combining both traditional crafts and fashion.

Items that we are wearing have the features respectively. 
Knit pullovers (Coohem)
36,720 yen (tax included)

Knit made but traditional Yometoni fiber in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

Shoulder bag  (KAWA*JACOBI)
29, 160 yen (tax included)
(available until 2/15)

Unique pattern of the back lining
It is just like the pattern of the Japanese traditional glass "Kiriko" 

Denim Pants (Tu es mon TRESOR)
109,080 yen (tax included)
After distressed effect, decorating it with antique jewelry by hand.

This cute necklace is 
the collaboration jewelry of SHISEIDO and Tokyo-born designer.

25,078 yen (tax included)

54,000 yen (tax included)

Speaking of the Japan's sophisticated technology, you definitely don't wanna miss the watch-making techniques!

Brand name is "SEIKO," means sophisticated.
"Presage" series is made by  Mr. Yaokozawa muchiru', who is famous for Enamel*.
(* Silica, the main component of glassy material on the surface of metal got burnt in high temperature)
Since sophisticated technology is used and it is rarely to find worldwide, 
 we can't loss a lot in the production. 
Therefore, can't miss it coz you don't know when you will meet it again next time.

In the world of unique items in Ginza Mitsukoshi
there is another impressive brand.

Oh!!! A big skull pattern printed in the center of the sweater, 
no doubt it catches our eyes.

You know what? 
It is a sweater of the excellence brand of lucien pellat-finet.
A brand is known as "The King of Cashmere."
The above sweater is 100% Cashmere used. 
And it costs 324,000yen!

We might see many Japanese talents and stars such as Kimura Takuya (a.k.a. KimuTaku) and Nakai Masahiro in SMAP 
often wearing it!

After touching this 100% cashmere-made,
you will never forget the comfort and softness. 

More and more discovery...

Take a look at this crystal glass!

As we have mentioned above, 
it is one of the Japanese traditional craft works, 
made by "Kiriko."
It is also the work of  Japanese designer "Morita Yasumichi."
You can see it at "lucien pellat-finet Fair" on March 3 on the 4F of Ginza Mitsukoshi!

A set of Perfume and body care
also from famous designer of Japan "Issey Miyake."
It has also expanded to a few brands called "BAOBAO" and "Pleats Please."

You might find perfume is available always 
but when it becomes the set with body care, it is then became a limited edition item. 

Sure it is another new discovery to the fan of Issey Miyake!

More discovery on the 10F of the toy floor. 

Toy corner can be found on the floor of babies and children.
Teaching aids and picture books are lined up here!!!

These sushi toy are cute and interesting!

Let's challenging the spirit of the children in Japan. 
Wow!!! There are kendama!
Kendama Contest will be held too!
Left: The traditional kendama
Right: Kendama for players uses in contest 

Let's check it out! your talent on kendama.

Getting hungry after using energy on kendama lol
Let's go down to the B2F!
A 6-day event of Special Food Fair held downstairs on the B2,B3 floor until February 2/22.

Glad that we spent a visit!!!

Nice color! Nice smell! Baumkuchen!

from a famous brand "JUCHHEIM DIE MEISTER."

Collaboration item with Uji green tea from shohokuen. 

Green tea Baumkuchen~!
1,296 yen

Mild level of sweetness and bittersweet green tea.

A baumkuchen which is filled with the taste for adult. ^^

Green tea manju (red bean bun)
It is the collaboration of  green tea from Shunsho-honten of 450 years of history and 
red bean bun from Hanazono-manju of Shinjuku!

What a perfect balance of green tea and red bean!!!

Last of green tea series!
Green tea and plain cookies from Yokumoku and aikoku 
Combination of green tea and butter cookie is the 
limited item in Mitsukoshi-Isetan.

Vanilla and green tea cookie
12 pieces a box 1,296yen


Recently, you might hear some catchy phases from the commercials of Japanese TV.
"Japan the you wanna know more in Tokyo!"

Something fresh you might find in your journey. 
Let's discover things 
from different point of view, new collaboration, 
encounter ideas, 
feel the freshness and
find the enjoyment 
in Tokyo, a little bit different from the Japan you have known. 

That's why we have show you the "new" Tokyo we have discovered in Ginza Mitsukoshi!

February 11, 2015 (Wed) - February 24 (Tuesday)
   Being held at the Mitsukoshi Ginza each floor

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