Tuesday, February 24, 2015

# Cosmetics ♪ CANMAKE Best Collection Limited Edition! The Secret of our Lips Care (Day & Night treatment Lip Scrub)

# Cosmetics ♪ CANMAKE Best Collection Limited Edition!  The Secret of our Lips Care (Day & Night treatment Lip Scrub)

Welcome to our Tokyo Travel Story!
Let's care our lips well at the same time lol

It is still a dry season now!
That means it is the time of moisture too!

While we are traveling in Japan, no doubt we would visit the well-known drugs stores called
Matsumoto Kiyoshi (マツモトキヨシ).
Let us share with you the lips care products of CANMAKE!!!

CANMAKE Best Collection  3,000yen(tax excluded)

As its name, you know this is a set combined with the most popular items of CANMAKE in 2014!!
Stay – on Balm Rouge  (580 yen + tax)
Marshmallow Finish Powder  (940 yen + tax)
Quick Lash Curler  (680 yen+ tax)
From Glow Fleur Cheeks (800 yen + tax)
Jewelstar Eyes (580 yen+ tax)

Inside, there are lipsticks, powder, transparent mascara, blush, and eye shadow. 
What if powered eye shadow is included?
It will be perfect then lol

Buying a set is definitely worth than buying all individually. 
It is about 520 yen discounted!!! Cool~!!!

We have visited PLAZA GINZA this time!
One of the most fashionable street in Tokyo!
Ginza 5-chome
In the center, there is a tall SONY building 
PLAZA GINZA is located on the B1 and B2 floor of the building.
(Directly connected to the Tokyo Metro Ginza Station B9 Exit)
For more info: 

No doubt most of the popular cosmetics brands can be found on the front row.
But the corner which attracted us the most is...

The CANMAKE corner ^^

CANMAKE Best Collection 3,000 yen +tax 

However, numbers of set are limited! 
You would not find any more as long as it is sold out! 
So don't miss the chance!
Of course, besides PLAZA GINZA, you can also see the CANMAKE corner at the grocery store on the 1st floor of UENO Atre.  

Get two before going back to the hotel.
One as a gift to someone; one is for myself lol

▲  Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

We are going to stay here tonight!
 Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo, the new hotel just opened on the December 17, 2014!

Okay! Here is another sharing for today!

▲ Three hottest & latest items 

(Left) Day & Night Treatment Lip Scrub  500 yen (+tax)

(Central)  Powder Cheeks  550 yen (+tax)

(Right) Day & UV Lip Stick   380 yen (+tax)

Powder Cheeks  550 yen (+tax)

This cheek color is highly recommended to beginners. 
Not stand out too obviously
It brings out a lovely, natural atmosphere!
A renewal of product is released on the February 3. 
 It is added the function of UV production. 

And the new color, French Rose, the series of coral pink gives an elegant impression as a lady.

It presents naturally even if you don't use another separated base cheek color. 

Nice color and transparent impression. 

And what we wanna give a big hand is ...

The easy holding brush
It helps spread the color smoothly on the cheek.

Day & Night Treatment Lip Scrub  500yen(+tax)

A tube type's lip scrub. Can you imagine how to use?

1. Scrub  →  Get rid of the unnecessary stratum corneum on the surface of the lips to make it look smoothly. 

2.  Massage →  Massage your soft lips with fingers and create a comfortable texture. 

3.  Pack → Keep moisturizing your lips with serum component. 

Last but not least, 
you will be healed by the sweet vanilla scent. ♡

▲  Day & Night Treatment Lip Scrub  500 yen (+tax)

Wanna be more effective, 
use a cellophane to make a "massage pack" lol

Take a small amount by your finger tip, rub and massage your lips gently 

Cover with cellophane. (No silicon is used)

Cover your lips about one minute.

▲  Day & UV Lip Stick  380 yen ( +tax)

After finishing the lip massage, 
put on lip stick color and lip serum to finishing up the lips makeup.
Of course, UV care and moisturizing care.

▲  Day & UV Lip Stick  380円 ( +tax)
The trend color of Day & UV Lip stick in 2015 are 
wine red and pink. 

On the line-up of the lip items of CANMAKE
it contains the richest moisturizing ingredient. 
Most of the staffs of CANMAKE love to use it!

Makeup of lips is done!

A pair of moisturizing lips with natural color.

No doubt the most important part of makeup is the lips part.
Let's have massage and care regularly 
especially well-prepared for the dry season!

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