Friday, February 27, 2015

#Accommodation ♪ Feel the Japanese Tradition and connecting the present and future here in Higashi-ginza. Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo!

#Accommodation ♪ Feel the Japanese Tradition and connecting the present and future here in Higashi-ginza. Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo!

Millennium, literally means a thousand year. 
So within this long long period, 
Many traditional cultures in human society have built and continued till today. 

Humans have been achieving these remarkable progress not just in a moment  
but a thousand years of time that we could not be experience. 

This hotel named Millennium
is located in Higashi-ginza.

Here you are 
Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

What we would like to focus is ...
It operates more than 100 hotels in 24 countries in the world.
And it is first opening a hotel in Ginza, which is under the Mitsui Garden Hotel Management Operations. 

Mitsui Garden Hotels
We have been staying in its hotels 
during our travel in Hiroshima and Osaka.

Spring is coming soon.
In February, we have came to Ginza to shop for the new season and dropped by to see this new place!

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Where should we go to shop?
Before getting into our topics today, 
let see any attractive places around in this Ginza area!

Ginza! Ginza! Ginza!
Seems we have visited here recently rather than Shinjuku and Shibuya.

If you wanna feel the excellent atmosphere, come take a walk on the Namiki-dori Avenue!

Oh!!! Wanna bring all these cute clocks home^^

A street with a line-up of luxury brands shop and antiques shops.
That is the landscape of Ginza.  

Okay!!! Here we come the new spot in Ginza!
Here is the "Samsonite" on 1F
Longing for a honeymoon trip......

"Ginza Numazuko" on the 8F 
The only Kaiten sushi Shop (sushi-go-round) in Ginza!
Come to have a fresh piece~

Wow!!! "SHISEIDO" is ready to welcoming spring to come!

"Plaza Ginza" 
Get some organic cosmetics here!

Check it out!!!
Trend in Mitsukoshi Ginza this spring!!!

After going around Ginza,
we have walked 5 minutes from Ginza 4-chome.
Here is Higashi-ginza.

The building of Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel
When you get out from Exit A1 of Tokyo Metro (Higashi-ginza Station)
This cool hotel will be stood in front of you!

Wow!! The ceiling is so high!!
We feel the cool openness!!
Can you see the sparking background behind the reception counter?
Wow!! A cool lobby huh!!!

Face up to see the high ceiling!
With the concept of a pleasant wind!
Can you feel the coolness? lol

A modern and simple lobby

We are attracted by sofa and wallpaper, which is full of the Japanese tasted atmosphere.
It is the work of Saito Kamitaro, 
a young Kimono designer born in Kyoto.
 A design with the image of Ginza.

You can see all the stylish design everywhere in the hotel.

The lighting in the hallway!
Image of waves? Or the dry landscape in a traditional Japanese garden?
Anyways, just explain the meaning of design in your own ways is fine.
How artistic!

Twin room

Room with dignity
in Mitsui Garden Hotel 

One thing here is...
this is the special can only be found in Ginza.
Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

Let's check!
First, a GOLD ROOM here
with the concept performing delicate "gold gilt art." 
You may find amenities and accessories in the room are decorated in gold color. 

Wishing all people staying in the rooms the best of luck. 

Collaboration product with [HAKUZA] 
a brand from Kanazawa, which is a region famous for "Gilt Craft."
Amenities such as mask sheets are also in bright gold lol

Feel a little bit shameful to use them...

Snacks, cosmetics, even the cup 
everything is in gold color!!!
Delicate design and preparation^^

Then, one more special room gotta introduce you.
It is in another concept!

Seems it is general room overall. 
Let's take a look carefully!

Global Pearl Brand representing Japan. 
A collaboration room with [MIKIMOTO]
So it is a Pearl Room.

Can you see the sparkling and shining spots in the photo?
those are expression to perform the concept of pure white of the pearl.
Oh!!! Look at what is on the desk?
There is a whole set of cosmetics of MOON PEARL, which is made with the pearl component of [MIKIMOTO] 

Like the golden room just mentioned above. 
All amenities are under the concept of [MIKIMOTO]

Wow!!! so happy~!!!

You will get a cute porch during check-in. 
It is a MOON PEARL set for travelers.
And a coupon of [MIKIMOTO COSMETICS] in Ginza.

"Niko" a restaurant on B1F
Enjoy breakfast buffet here!

Incredibly a gorgeous breakfast huh!
Not only the taste but also the decoration!
Satisfying both our eyes and mouth^^

Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

Can you feel the secret hid behind the name?
"Something you have never experienced is here."

Japanese Traditions.
On the other hand, 
the location of Ginza,
connecting present and future.
A hotel presents the connection of a thousand years ago of history and a thousand ahead of future.

Wanna know more?
Let's check with us in another article.

to be continued...
Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Higashi-ginza.