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# Accomadation ♪ This first Millennium brand in Japan!! A new hotel with special concept rooms~ Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

# Accomadation ♪ This first Millennium brand in Japan!! A new hotel with special concept rooms~

 Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo 

Let's continue our introduction about the new hotel in Ginza
 Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo 
Let's see.

Since there is an increasing of foreign tourists visiting Japan, 
we find a lot of hotels are renewed and newly opened. 

Giving excellent level of services has became a basic requirement in hotel recently.
Most importantly, 
each hotel continues to find their unique place to keep attracting new guests.

How about in  Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo?
What kind of surprise is waiting for us?

In our last articles, we have show you two concept rooms!
They are 

Reception counter

Using a large area for art lighting in a limited space.
What an unique idea!
Impressive huh!

Okay!!! Passing the reception desk, let's go to the next point.

Here we are in the GOLD ROOM!

Golden circular pattern on the pillows and the golden flames placed on the cabinet beside the beds.
It is said that all of these can take away all of the bad luck lol

A golden pen
What a well-designed room concept
It takes care of every little corner in the room. 
Wanna have this pen^^

we find a golden afternoon set ^^

Hotel has prepared a small gift to the guests who make reservation in advance and will hand it to the guests during check-in.

Sampling items of Touch of GOLD
A Collaboration of GOLD ROOM and [HAKUZA] 

HAKUZA is regarded as the manufacturer specializes in Japanese gold leaf art.
A popular brand of gold leaf located in Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture.

You know what? 
In Nihonbashi, not far from Ginza,
there is a store called  "COREDO."
You can find many HAKUZA's products there.

HAKUZA Nihonbashi Official website (Japanese)

Wow!!! Shining package of face mask!
Gold leaf face mask!
It is too luxurious to use it! lol

Use the gold leaf face mask to become more beautiful~ 

Oh my god!!!
Shampoo and body wash with gold leaf! 
We pretty like this golden concept! ^^

It is the view looking from the window of guest room.

Feel more impressed to see the whole architecture of Kabuki-za, 
rather than a Kabuki performance.

We heard that more than half of the audiences are foreigners recently!
If you haven't seen it before, let's have a try then!

Oh!!! It is breakfast time!!!
Go downstairs from the lounge, 
here it is the restaurant! How nice is the interior design=)

Using excellent ingredients, there are 
Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines.

A lot of choices can freely be made!
There are also Parmigiano ham,
and fruit smoothies that Hollywood stars like the most !!

Egg Benedict with cheese on the top. 
With ham and English Muffin!

It looks good huh!!
But actually it is not though....

Western style of hospitality!
Thanks for a nice meal!

We are full enough and gonna go and take some rest!

This is the PEARL ROOM introduced in the past articles.
A concept room with the collaboration of MIKIMOTO, the pearl brand representing Japan.

Everywhere is decorated in pearl white color!

bed, mattress, sheet, pillow and blanket is using a pure white series.  

Little decoration on a pure white soft mattress
Somehow romantic huh!

No doubt, the clock and little box are product of MIKIMOTO^^

Let see the amenities in the room.
What are difference between PEARL ROOM and GOLD ROOM?

We find the MIKIMOTO's logo on the towels.

Everything is MIKIMOTO!!!

Slippers too!! Just match the design concept! Find refreshment on the color white!

Besides, we find some cosmetics and care products which are using the component of pearl!
It is the series of "MOON PEARL."

Welcome Wine


pearl color of coffee cup, and pen.
Indeed [MOON PEARL] everywhere!

Moreover,  the small present got during check-in.
What are filled inside?

Oh!!! it is a 3 in 1 set of skin care products for travelers. 
And a discount coupons of MIKIMOTO COSMETICS in Ginza

What a happy thing!

Let's feel the tradition of Ginza in the bustling atmosphere of the street. 
Fused with the latest trend, together with the 2 designed concept rooms and the hospitality idea of Mitsui Garden Hotel, 
that is the professional of Millennium brand for the greatest achievement!

 Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo
Not only having the thoughtful service like the hotels in general 
but also innovative ideas from the international brand of its hotel chain

Of course, you don't wanna miss the delicious breakfast too! ^^

If you have chance visiting Tokyo, 
why don't you check it then!
  Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

Other reservation sites:

Click below for the English Official Website

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