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# Beauty ♪ Japanese Products Curling Irons (KINUJO) makes your hair like silk!

# Beauty ♪ Japanese Products  Curling Irons (KINUJO) makes your hair like silk!   

As a perfect lady, perfect hair cannot be missed! It is not an exaggeration!
How to organize your disobedient hair properly or 
perhaps it becomes necessary sometimes later!
Today, we have come to Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo,  listed in the Michelin Travel Guides.
Let us show you this professional Curling Irons!

Oh!!!! We here we go!!!!
We got this latest model of curling irons!
Carefully take the curling irons out from the box.
Wow!! We like its simple design and the lightness!
I am getting excited!

Ok!!!! Let's bring "KINUJO" with us to a hot springs trip!

Open-air hot springs and the snow view
Isn't it a paradise??? lol
We can't wait to try the KINUJO curling irons!
But our hair is still wet...

In general, using curling irons while hair is still wet,
seems to cause some negative impact on the hair!

But the truth is...
it is the best timing to use KINUJO curling irons while your hair is still wet!

Water remaining on the surface of your hair can actually prevent your hair from burn.
That's why it is the best to use KINUJO curling irons before drying your hair for the best performance, 

Moreover, the reason why not making negative effect on your hair is this "Silk" plate.

This silk plate is made by Teflon ® (PTFE) .
This substance is found the smallest friction coefficient of the material. 

Teflon ® (PTFE) is not only a low coefficient of friction,
but also strong in high temperature, corrosion-resistant and less likely to produce smoke. 
In addition, it is not sticky^^

Take a look at the above picture,
you can see the tourmaline covered the silk plate can produce negative ions, 
which can prevent hair generating static electricity.

Particularly, you might feel static electricity when you take off your coat in the winter!
You will be getting troubled while your hair is bend regardless of the gravity.
At the time, you will need this curling irons huh!!

In general, 
when you use curling irons while your hair is wet, water will be heat and evaporated. 
Then, you might smell a burning smell.

But if you use KINUJO curling irons,
it is the good timing then as your hair is wet.

Not only can protect your hair but also create your own style!

You know what?
Our hair will be easily got damaged by water, sunlight, and oxygen. 
Especially going to hot springs, and swimming pools,
all will harm your hair easily. 

The characteristic of KINUJO curling irons is this silk plate!!!

How smooth!
It is said that this silk plate has moisturizing function to protect your hair.
Believe it or not?
Let's try!
Pour some water on it in temperature of 200 Degree Celsius. 
Then, the result will be.... 

Even in the state of high temperature, water droplets did not turn into steam. 
It is still droplets!

Here is a little tip to everyone,
although it is not something new to you if you are sensitive enough on fashions.

Before you are doing you hair styling, applying some hare care products before using curling iron,
it will definitely cause less damage on your hair!

Will it make your curling iron dirty?
In general, it will if you don't clean it immediately. Cause it is getting harder to clean it later.

But in the case of KINUJO curling irons, 
it is waterproof, washable and convenient. 
So it is durable to use!
Expected to use more than 15 years. 

P.S. Only silk plate is washable! 

Moreover, we are surprised of its heating speed.
Just 20 seconds to reach a high temperature of 180 Degree Celsius after switching off!

It becomes handy in a busy morning ! 

The range of temperature of KINUJO is 130-220 Degree Celsius.
Just use the +/ - button to   adjust the temperature in 10 degree interval. 
Just check it easily on the electronic LCD screen.
By the way, I am using 180 Degree Celsius.
Quick heated!
It is very handy in a hurry morning!

KINUJO combines two words KINU (means silk) and JO (means lady).
To make every lady's dream of having silky smooth, shiny hair to come true. 
Sure enough, no matter in what country, having shiny hair is an essential element of beauty.

Wondering will you find any trouble when using curling irons?

The problem you might be came across is the trouble of wire.
Any in some cases, it might also caused machine failure. 
You know what you will never find the same problem while using KINUJO.
The part connecting wire can be turned 360 degree, 
so no trouble with wire then. 

You might be tired to carry the machine whole time while setting your hair style,
but KINUJO is light enough and easy handle. 
So no problem at all.

It is easy to use it to straightening hair. 
But you might be got in trouble to make curling hair. 
So using KINUJO
you can easily create your curling hair style. 
A natural curling style^^

The whole thing is white and with silver printed words "KUNUJO."
It is handy and convenient curling irons. 
Design and function both are very important.

If you are afraid of forgetting to switch off the machine, 
it has an automatic turn off function. 
It will be turned off in 30 minutes. 

Safety is the most important thing. 

Turning into beautiful hair
Coming to set the style for myself, it is better to use the flat plate one 
than the general curved plate. 
It helps to create a more natural style. 
KINUJO! What a worth buying !!

What do you think my hair style for today?
Let's go shopping then!

So excited!

Bring KINUJO with you during hot springs trip
In case you need KINUJO any times, 
and it is nice to keep your shiny hair everyday. 
KINUJO gives us inspiration to challenge other unique hair style then. 
Are you also a challenger? 
Come to make your own hair style!

▶ ︎ Dimensions: 288 x 62 x 38.5mm

▶ ︎ Weight: 390g

▶ ︎ Plate size: 28 x 100mm

▶ ︎ Material: Teflon ® (PTFE) polytetrafluoroethylene

▶ ︎ Voltage: 100v

▶ ︎ power: 48W   50/ 60Hz

▶ ︎ Temperature range: 130 ~ 220 ℃

▶ ︎PSE Certification: PSE Japanese Electrical Certification

Price: 18,000 yen (19,440 yen for tax included) 

Some demonstration videos:



Handy Curling irons ♡ Mika course to make silky smooth hair♡
Hello everyone !!! My name is Mika!
Let's start Mila's course for making silky, smooth hair 
with KINUKO, a speedy heat-up curling irons.

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