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# Share House ♪ Special Story of Share House in Japan! Social Residence in Hana-koganei

# Share House ♪ Special Story of Share House in Japan! Social Residence in Hana-koganei

Oak House has created a number of unique share houses in Tokyo 
to meet a wide range of living style of people and help everyone to live a fun Tokyo Life.

Today, we are gonna to show you this share house, 
which is just 30 minutes train from Shinjuku, center of Tokyo. 
It is nearby the Seibu Shinjuku Line "Hana-koganei Station. " 
"Social Residence Hana-koganei" 
is newly open in January 2015. 

All rooms are single room having a balcony.

Spacious lounge and public bathroom
Theater room 
Studio room and etc...
A lot of facilities to enjoy life.
So this is not just for "living" 
but through this place to learn, grow up, have fun. 
"Social Residence" is well presented.

Homepage of Oak House

Share house, Guest house and apartment|Oakhouse
If you're looking for a share house, guest house, or apartment, come to Oakhouse. You can find a room that fits your needs in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama.

In OAKHOUSE's official website, you can choose any languages from five to read the information, 
you can check any available rooms from 3800 rooms of 240 buildings in Japan. 
You wanna have a brand new life in share house in Japan?
Just start from here!

Okay!!! Let's go to search for the share house in Hana-koganei today!
Pictures from the large map to every corner!!!
Everything is clear and understandable even to the ones who just arrive Japan. 
Useful and easy searching engine. 

After looking at the pictures, 
what does it actually look like?
Let's go and see! 

It is the appearance and entrance on the 1st floor of the Social Residence.

In the western Tokyo, there is a place called Hana-koganei in Kodaira.
You can find it is residential area overflowing with Japanese kindness. 
Of course, shopping facilities are available.
It is a nice place for living. 

Convenient transportation!
Just 30 minutes train from Shinjuku and Ikebukuro by Seibu Shinjuku Line.

Current Address: Hanakoganei Kodaira-shi Tokyo
Closest Station: Seibu-shinjuku Line/ Hana Koganei station 
Seibu-Hajima Line/ Kofaira Station 
Seibu-shinjuku Line/ Kodaira Station 
Walk to the nearest station: 13 minutes
Time to the terminal station: Takadanobaba/ 20 minutes 
Floor in house: 5 Floors
Number of single rooms: 99 rooms
Others: Shared lounge, bicycle parking, Optical fiber Internet 

Seibu Shinjuku Line- Hana-Koganei Station
Seibu Shinjuku Line is connected to Kawagoe-chichibu
Just 30 minutes from the downtown Tokyo. 
If you wanna get away from the city a bit on the weekend,
it is the best distance to go out to the suburbs too. 

For more ideas about trip on weekend using Seibu-shinjuku Line

Where is Hanakoganei?
It is like the distance from Odaiba to Shinjuku.
It is not that far away from downtown Tokyo.

What a nostalgic landscape of the road along the railway

Since the dense popularity in Tokyo,
it is just like the landscape drawn in the Japanese manga!
It is quiet, and simple. Just enjoy the rustic landscape of a street. 

Facility around the station

A large supermarket "INAGEYA"
On the 1st floor is McDonald's, 2nd floor is bookstore and 100 yen shop, etc. 
Those are essential to our lives.

Mini-car of Oak House

On the day of your move-in,
manager will drive this cute mini car of Oak house to the nearest station 
to pick you up and welcome you to become one of the residents of 
Social Residence. 

There are 7 characteristics to introduce you about Social Residence Hanakoganei!!!

POINT 01 [Public Bath]
In general, there are only shower rooms in most of the share houses. 
But here in Social Residence
there is a big public bath which is available for 10 persons.

This large public bath is changed for men and women alternately every week. 
And there are  password different for men and women.
Since the door is always locked, 
you don't need to be worried! 

POINT 02 [Elevator]

Spacious elevator
Of course, there are stairs,.
It is helpful to carry large luggage. 

POINT 03 [Multipurpose Studio]

A mirrored studio room
It is good for practice instruments and dance here!
Why don't you make a band with people from different cultural background here!
Have fun!!

 POINT 04 [Theater Room]

A large projector and surround system are well-equipped. 
It forms a small movie theater. 

Enjoy Japanese movie with housemates!
Learning Japanese while watching?
What a nice idea! lol

POINT 05 [study room]

A quiet space to make born of a variety of ideas.
It is good to study alone
as well as to have a little chat, discussion over coffee with friends!
Nice environment to have new stimulation. 

POINT 06 [mini cafe]

Coffee vending machine and a little bar counter. 
Tiny cute cafe. 

Brew yourself a coffee with your favorite coffee beans. 
That's unique huh!

POINT 07 [Smoking Room]

Refresh room for smokers 
Living together in proper manners.

A little concern would lead to a more friendly living place! 

A spacious and beautiful lobby lounge 
with calm atmosphere.

Privacy is protected even in communal living!
Every resident would have a individual post.

Shoes storage is in locker format!

Okay! Let's go to see the bedroom!

Our single room!
10.45㎡ with balcony. 
It is well enough to live by yourself!
A spacious and comfortable room. 

From 1F to 5F, there are 99 rooms. 
30,000 yen for the first month as the administrative expense.
12,000 for the utility expense. 

Rent depends on the types of room 
About 52,000~ 54,000

Social Residence Hanakoganei

Let's take a look at the model room on the 2F. 

Another characteristics of Oak House is furnished
 with all our basic needs.

Air conditioner, bed, refrigerator, closet, desk, chair and etc, 
Everything we just need ^^

Sunlight shine toward the room. 
What a beautiful room!

How excited to decorate you own room in your own style!

Nothing abnormal for the closet and refrigerator! lol

A large storage space under the bed. 
And there is enough space to place a headlight besides the bed. 
No trouble to read at night then!
Sound goods!

Clean shower rooms in a line ^^

It is a bathroom for ladies only!
Enjoy your time for beauty.

Mini washing machine and space for ironing!
Yes!!! Here is a share house.

Spacious lounge
Good for interaction with friends.

Have a meal quietly!
A space to read.
Sometimes counter dining is not bad huh!

Tourist map of Tokyo 
There are also catalogs introducing Oak House.

And we love that convenient vending machine!
How nice!

Which one do you like? 
Where we start our friendship! ^^

Open Kitchen
Wide space can be used efficiently 

Microwaves and steam ovens
freely to use any time^^

Garbage can
Remember to separate the type of garbage.

If there is such a kitchen,
cooking is more fun than eating outside huh!!!

Enjoy a social life in a share house with friends from different countries and cultures!

Enhanced common space + quiet private space

Interact with people of multicultural background 
Learning Japanese together 
Striving for everyone's dreams everyday!

Here in Oak House Residence Hanakoganei 
Not just a share house 
but space to share idea and conversation 
What a nice place!

Share house, Guest house and apartment|Oakhouse
If you're looking for a share house, guest house, or apartment, come to Oakhouse. You can find a room that fits your needs in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama.

Two friendly managers of Social Residence Hanakoganei

Let's have a happy life in Japan! 
We are waiting for you in Hana-koganei! ^^

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