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# Food ♪The only one Kaiten-zushi (Sushi-go-round) shop in Ginza! "GINZA NUMAZUKO" in KIRARITO GINZA 8F

# Food  ♪The only one Kaiten-zushi (Sushi-go-round) shop in Ginza! "GINZA NUMAZUKO" in KIRARITO GINZA 8F

A kaiten-zushi shop is open in Ginza.
Many people might think that "There were no sushi shops in Ginza?" 
By the way, you might see it everywhere throughout Japan.

Originally, the style of a sushi shop is...
guest who sits in front of the counter, then order the "neta" (sushi they would like to eat) over the counter (In Japan, it is called "Itamae")
Then, sushi will be made. This is the excellent class of Japanese cuisine. 

With the changing of times, 
in order to let more people to enjoy the delicious sushi.
the conveyor belt around the counter was invented. 
Then, the sushi chain shop was being opened in the 1970s. 
Sushi therefore become more popular.
So sushi has about only 40 years of history yet!

In addition, since Edo period, 
It seems Ginza has became the region belonging to the middle class people. 
Thus, it is not surprise to find many traditional sushi shops in Ginza.
Then, that might be the reason why kaiten-zushi is difficult to start business here.
(In fact, relatively the elder Japanese artists and celebrities have not ever visited a Kaiten-zushi before.)

There, a Kaiten-zushi was open in Ginza 
on the 8th floor of "KITARITO GINZA, " a new landmark in Ginza. 
What is special in a open  shop.

Wanna know what surprise is waiting for us in Kaiten-zushi "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st"?
Let's see.


Filled with an extraordinary atmosphere,
The unique Kaiten-zushi shop in Ginza
"Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st"

A brand new opened shopping center 
"KIRARITO GINZA" in Ginza-1-chome

If you are interested,
you can have a look at the following article.

KIRARITO GINZA is a shopping mall for couples who are planning for weddings.
Besides, there are all kind of merchandise goods, delicious restaurants and trendy brands. 
Then, "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st" on the 8F is included.

Nice and beautiful appearance in Ginza
You can see "Samsonite" and  "Hartmann" welcome us on the 1st floor.

You might be confused by the sparkling jewelry in KIRARITO GINZA.
Oh! We completely forgot to have lunch during shopping. 

The need of appetite is then replacing the shopping want!
Take the escalator and go up straight up to 8F.
Oh!   "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st" is welcoming us!

Arrival of new fresh food is written on the blackboard

Here is the entrance.
No doubt we are pretty concerned about the quality of kaiten-zushi in Ginza.

The design of Kaiten-zushi counter is a fusion of traditional and excellent modern sense. 

Besides counter seats, there are also table seats.
You might have seen it if you have been to some large scale sushi chain shops.  
Can you see the wide space here, which is available for 6 persons.

Also, there are box seats
Its stunning design is quite interesting huh!

Wow!!! What a good idea ^^
Open the window,
it is the rotating belt keeps on moving.

How convenient is the box seats!
That is the difference of Kaiten-zushi shop in Ginza

Fresh ingredients, unique flavor, spacious dining space, as well as many creative ideas.
From now on, let's try the real and excellent "grade" in  "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st."

Ok!!! Let's start making the real sushi!
Chef of "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st" has won an award in a Japanese TV program called "TV Champion."
Although we are not master of cooking, we saw his skillful technique of using knife, we can feel his enthusiasm.

Let's try!!

Ok! Let's start with the most recommended one!!!

Here is sushi filled with "Mt. Fuji amount" of fresh uni (Sea urchin)  / 1,000yen

Fresh taste of sea urchin
The amount and the shape is just like the Mt. Fuji
What a ultra-dreamy sushi!
We are surprised to see it in Kaiten-zushi shop.
※Mt. Fuji amount means a large amount.

it is about 1,000yen. 
We are pretty satisfied with it!

Next is, Mt Fuji Amount of Numazu 3 collections. / 1,500yen

From  the name of this shop we might see it is originally from Numazuko harbor, Shizuoka Prefecture.
3 Special Collections
Sakura ebi(Shrimp), Shirasu (Whitebait), and Maguro (Tuna)!

You can just taste them freshly in Japan. 

Sakura ebi(shrimp) looks like the blooming flower! 
Let's taste the taste of spring!

Fresh shrimps are sweet! 

Wow!!! How fresh is the Shirasu!

Keeping rotating 
Keeping eating lol

Our favorite Kaiten-zushi!
Keiten-zushi likes us too!
What a sweet relationship♡

We definitely don't wanna miss the partner of fresh and delicious sushi! ?!

Exactly! It is Japanese sake, stored in a special cellar in 
"Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st."

It is owned and managed by "Qualified Japanese sake sommelier." 

Dassai! The highest level of Japanese Sake!
In general,  it mainly uses"Junmai Daiginjo"
(Top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% of weight or less)

But here, another top-quality sake brewe from rice grains of Yamada-nishiki brand is being used. 
"Junmai Daiginjo Migaki Niwari Sanbu " 180ml, 3,200yen 

Have a sip of Japanese sake Dassai in a wine glass
Cheers for this beautiful day in Ginza!

Nice match of Japanese sake and sashimi. 
Of course we can't miss the skillful chef who use these fresh ingredients to create the dish 
like an artwork.

Delicious grilled gintara 
It is extremely delicious!

Crispy Tempura ^^ 

It is fresh enough that we can eat the shell together as well.

Recommendation of Sake Sommelier
Ginjo shibotate nama-zake / 720ml 3,200yen

 Tokushima produced fresh sake is directly stored into aluminum cans.
It is said that Japanese sake is getting popular in New York recently. 
About 18% alcohol. 
Although it is a little bit high-concentrated,
its slightly sweet taste and fresh smell is the attractive point. 
Simple but excellent quality Japanese sake. 

Nice match with sushi^^
Let's try this Ginjo shibotate nama-zake!

Indeed is the kaiten-zushi of the class of Ginza 
Made by fresh ingredients, produced my professional chef 
It is an excellent class of sushi
no matter eating at counters, or the tables.

However, the characteristic of kaiten sushi is
to relax and eat what you like!
Make your sushi time more fun huh!

Despite of the brand and price, 
Japanese sake recommended by Sommelier is great!

It is a good ideas to enjoy sushi at Tokyo Tsukuji Market  if you arrive Tokyo in the early morning!
Sushi of 100 yen, 150 yen are great too!
Moreover, for the excellent quality of 1,000yen,
you might want to give it a try at least once when you visit Japan!

Wanna have Sushi in Ginza in a sudden?
Missing sushi in your Japan trip?
We then recommend "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st" to you!

Let's come in and have a look! ^^

銀座沼津港 "Sushi Bar Numatsuko Ginza 1st"
Open Hours:  11: 00-23: 00
(Last order: Dish 21:30 / Sushi 22:30)
Tel: 03-6228-7171


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